Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Yoga Obsession

With this fast pace life is taking, and with all the stress we’re experiencing nowadays, a lot of people have decided to lead healthy happy lives. So they’ve started eating healthier, they’ve started exercising more, and they’ve been trying to invest in their free time for the good of their well-being.
Gyms are suddenly stuffed with people, media is being paid fortunes for healthy food publicities, and last but not least YOGA got itself a place on top of almost everybody’s interests.
Most of the people I know attend Yoga sessions. A lot of them earn a living teaching it.
TV’s show Yoga Classes.
Magazines write about Yoga.
Movies have Yoga scenes in them.
Websites are FULL of Yoga Instructions from A to Z.
A lot of Celebrities have made Yoga their Nr. 1 Hobby.
Doctors advise their stressed patients to try out Yoga.
Beauty Experts encourage women to take Yoga classes in order to keep fit and young.
Sports Professionals say all people of all ages are capable of Yoga.
A lot of people think that Yoga is modern and sexy.
I am one of the people who was so curious and wanted to know everything about Yoga. I read books and searched the web, and bought magazines that had self-teaching courses. I even tried it out myself. To be honest, when I first started I wasn’t that happy with it, simply because I don’t like spending much time on one thing, I’m used to have 100 things to do in the same time and most of the days I’m in a hurry. So when I first started, my first exercises were for meditation and concentration. I had to do this certain body shape and focus on one point. And the course composer wrote: “you have to ask yourself SILENTLY: {how do I feel now} both before and after you finish this exercise. And you have to answer QUITELY. I did this shape and concentrated on a green plant in front of me to achieve perfect relaxation. And asked myself the question silently and answered quietly: “I feel stressed out, and need to relax”. I had to stay 15 minutes, and on the count of minute 3 I was like: “hmm, is it my watch that isn’t actually ticking, or is it time that’s passing too damn slow!!! no, no, I should relax and I’m not supposed to even think of time”… 2 minutes later I wondered: “am I supposed to stay like this all that long! Ok let me try to free my mind from any thoughts and see how I’d feel”.
Minute 10 comes, I get crazy and feel like tearing apart the green plant with its annoying little leaves, which were getting on my nerves every time the wind blew. I looked at the trainer’s pic and said to him LOUDLY: Wanna know how I feel you stupid loser! This is how I feel: I’m CALM (while throwing the magazine on the ground) I’m HAPPY (while stepping over the magazine with anger) I have found my center (while throwing the pillows on the floor) and I’m totally COOL, I just feel like KILLING somebody”.
Yep, I was Ms. Stress. I just thought it was a waste of time.
But once you get used to Yoga, and once you apply it properly when you’re seriously willing to relax and when you have the time for it, then you’ll truly enjoy its results. As for me, I never had enough time ;) BUT I’m one of the obsessed ones; I’m so interested in Yoga and respect its principles.
So here is a piece of advice: if you wanna keep Fit, Healthy, Young, Sexy, if you wanna learn patience, and find peace for both your body and soul, there is nothing better than YOGA … Just make sure you have nothing breakable around you ;)