Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Year 2004

So a new year has begun. I know it’s a week late for this topic, but still adding a new year to our lives is worth talking about anytime.
First let me wish you all a great Happy New Year.
To those of you who have been through really hard time in year 2003, I wish that 2004 will be a better year for you. And to those who consider 2003 a great year, I wish that 2004 will be even greater.
To all of you out there who were awaiting happy events to take place in 2003 but were disappointed, I say never lose hope and may year 2004 be the time for these events and more unexpected ones to happen. To all who were feeling lost, focus more, draw your goals and start all over again, you’ll find out that it’s easy to find the right way to walk.

DID YOU LOSE SOMEONE?To all of you who have lost someone dear, get over it, if it was their fault that you got separated then they don’t appreciate you and therefore don’t deserve being with you; if it was your fault, then there is always a second chance to make things better, if you already used your second chance then learn from your mistakes and see what you can “edit” in yourself to improve; yet if death was the reason you lost your dear one, then be sure that we’ll all die one day, and this dear one is just one of thousands of other people who were dear to other people as well. Appreciate the good times you had together, pray for them and always keep in mind that sweet memories will be there for you to remember every time you miss them.

If you were broken hearted over and over again, get rid of this pathetic frown and this surrendering look and force a true smile on your lips, for God has given us all two great gifts: a strong will to go on, and the ability to forget. If one doesn’t work the other should, and just look at yourself, your heart was broken, it wasn’t killed. You’re still alive, you’ll be able to survive anything only if you believed in yourself. And then heart of yours is still full of great feelings waiting for you to experience, one of them is the taste of success after failure; and never forget, no matter how many times you failed to continue in a relationship, it’s not a crime nor a sign of instability in your character, no, it’s a sign for one of two things: you’re either not ready for such a relation, and in this case all you have to do is have an innocent conversation with your soul, take a deeper look at your life and know what you really want, what kind of people do you wish to have a relationship with and what were the things that got you upset with your former relationship so you can avoid them. Or, you haven’t found your second half yet, and I assure you, God is preparing you for your sweetheart so that when you finally meet you wont lose each other, so cheer up, the one for you is somewhere out there, you might know them already, you might not, and whatever the case you’ll find each other and laugh at your early experiences.

So you’re suffering from Cancer or Aids, or any other dangerous disease? Don’t worry, nothing’s impossible. And instead of looking at it as a new year with sickness and less days for you to live, why don’t you look at the bright side? Science is in fast progress. New discoveries are found around the clock, new inventions are happening every day, and nothing stays as it is. If you asked for help and you reached a stage where no one can help you anymore, then allow me to say that you’re a BIG LOSER. Yes, why don’t you be your own doctor! Move it, do research, read everything related to your disease, books, newspapers, magazines, internet, everything. Learn more about the ways to prevent your disease, study the healthy nutrition bases and get to a relationship between food and your disease. Rest when you need to, be active when you’ve rested enough, walk, see people, share us all, blog about your sickness, write a book, do anything but never surrender. And keep in mind that there was a time when fever was deadly, but look what science made out of it; it’s not considered a threat any more. And never underestimate your strong will, the will that succeeded in struggling with cancer for survival, will succeed in your survival as well no matter what your disease was. Have faith and be strong.

Ah, so you began your new year with worries. The home credit is due to payment this year; your debts must be paid this year, your car fees should be fully paid, you can’t go on in college unless you pay your fees…etc!
This might seem a disaster, yet it doesn’t seem impossible to be solved. Try to make a list of priorities, write down all the money you should pay, to whom it should be paid and for what you’ll be paying it. Make a comparison, see which must be paid first, who could give you some more time and who wont. If you work, save as much as you can. You don’t have to eat the best food or wear the best clothes or buy the best gifts. Save until you pay all your debts and then live the way you like. It isn’t easy but it will be a period that will pass, and after it passes you’ll be so pleased and proud of yourself for your achievements. Try to get an extra source of money. Get a part-time job, start freelancing with a company, wash the dishes, serve food, baby sit, and never be ashamed of your work.
If you don’t work, then you have to start re-considering, even if you were a student you can have a pert-time job at college or anywhere else.
And no matter how critical your situation concerning money was, never walk a wrong way. Never sell your body for money, no get arrested and take your responsibility, this is better than lowering your value and being that cheap. Never steal from others, living in debts is enough trouble, I’d rather borrowing more money from someone close than stealing. Never deceive someone in exchange for money. And never allow your financial needs to make you forget your life and your loved ones. Keep on smiling and helping, keep on thinking and fighting, and you’ll find the solution.

In front of people, yes, sure you can, but in front of your mind, you can never escape your past.
If you’ve done bad things that made you look as a very bad person, or if you’ve made something that gave you a very bad reputation, or if you did intentionally or unintentionally hurt others, then you can make people forget about that and make a new start, but you will never forget who you were and what you’ve done. So my advice is, don’t try to forget, try to improve. Change so that you’ll prove to yourself that you’ve become a better person, once you’ve believed, it’s so easy to make others see the new you without the need to lie or play tricks. If the ones you hurt are reachable, apologize to them, if you can help them, do. If they are out of reach, then just try to help others who were hurt by someone else. Listen to their problems, suggest solutions, give them a hand at work, and do whatever you can. And most important of all is to never repeat your past. Learn from it, but never let it to interfere in the new you negatively, never let anyone get to you through it by using it to make kind of a scandal to you or anything. Be true to yourself and others, be clear and direct and be strong enough to defend your new self, and you’ll see, nothing will ever get to you. Oh and one more thing, never ever think of suicide, leave it to losers who are good in nothing but being useless and escaping their problems. Be strong enough and have the courage of facing yur destiny and taking your responsibilities.

Never think that a successful boss is the one whose employees are afraid of, in fact a successful boss is the one whose employees can talk to about their problems but still respect very much. A lot of bosses misunderstand the meaning of respect and don’t distinguish between having a strong personality and being a dictator.
If you’re one of those managers with this misunderstanding then don’t panic, it’s not too late. You still have a great chance to become closer to your employees and at the same time make them respect you even if you were younger than all of them. The key is treat them as people not machines, help them in their problems if they ask you for help, and never allow mistakes or delays to happen because of not concentrating or being lazy. Give them a financial push every now and then. Send them emails congratulating them on a job perfectly done to encourage them to be the best always and give them a sudden meeting at least once in a month saying: hey everybody, leave everything you’re doing and lets have a family talk with a fine cup of tea and forget about work for a moment. This will refresh them and will get them closer to you without any disrespect.

If you’re one of those feeling neutral towards new years in your life then let me advice you start changing this habbit.
At the end of each year and the start of a new one take some time out of everything and look at what you’ve accomplished and what you’d love to accomplish. See if you’re making progress or not. If yes, then it’s good for you, if not then you still have time to make your life better and let sky be the limit. And I’m not talking about collecting more money, although this would be great of course, but I’m mainly talking about your self-satisfaction and fulfilling your wishes. Always be excited about your future, be happy with your present and proud of your past. Never compare yourself to others who don’t share same interest with you. And never compare yourself to those who have double your money, and I say don’t compare in the negative sense, as it’s not wrong to take them as a goal and say: I wanna become like this or that. So as long as comparison will push you forward there is no harm at all.
Make a plan with all what you wish for and write it down in your own hand writing and not by a pc, and include ALL what crosses your mind even if it seemes silly or crazy or impossible. And at the end of the year and the beginning of year 2005 cross out what you’ve fulfilled and you’ll be amazed, you might as well add a lot of things that you never thought of doing.
This is a great method to increase your self-esteem and show you that you’ve actually done something even if it seemed to be silly. And if you did nothng of the list then it will give you a warning that you’re being too lazy and have to reconsider your life style in order to reach your goals.

So dear all, let this new year be the year for you to find peace with your selves, make it a happy successful one, a start of a beautiful new born you that will fill the world with care, beauty and love... Happy New Year To You All :)