Thursday, January 22, 2004

Why Should You Vote For Subzero Blue?

As you all know we are in the finals for the “BLOGGIE 2004 AWARD” ……
A great competition from Bloggies 2004, which I find so encouraging and so challenging. I congratulate them on this idea that got us all full of suspense and made us anxious to know the results, which will be announced in March.
As you know MMM of Subzero Blue succeeded in reaching the finals. And no matter who wins, the fact that he reached that far is alone enough for all of us to be both proud and happy.
But deep inside I wish he’d be the winner, because his blog is really great. Other than the beautiful design of the, its wonderful colors and its absolutely amazing name, you can enjoy reading about all topics, from entertainment, to education, to technologies to personal experiences, to watching unique pictures and much much more.
I consider myself a big fan of his, other than the fact that he was the reason for my blog to be born. He encouraged me to post and I owe him big time for that.
Well, I’ve realized this little thing right now, it’s the fact that Subzero Blue is a blog that doesn’t need anyone encouraging people to vote for, it’s really good and interesting. And I’m sure that all those who appreciate it just like me, and all those who admire creativity and good writing as much as I do have already voted for him. If for any reason, one of Subzero Blue’s fans still didn’t vote, then it’s never too late ;)
If you’re new in the world of blogs, then take a look at Subzero Blue and I guarantee your satisfaction.
Good luck to all the finalists, and keep in mind that you had the honor of getting that far even if you didn’t win.
And for all of you who didn’t pass, just like me here:), never mind, you can make it up next year. And lucky me, I got really sick for so long that my blog has been paused for many weeks, leaving me no chance to compete with really good and fresh blogs which post new things on daily basis. Oh, yes, well my blog doesn’t have a photolog either, hmmm, no pics, not that up to date, no wonder I didn’t pass :P but come on, I still got nominated, didn’t I. And I still have the chance to win next year; yes, yes, I am willing to challenge myself and be number 1, so watch out fellow bloggers,
AquaCool is on the way ;).