Monday, January 05, 2004

In Love With Me!

Yes, it's true. Ever since I found out about this new love and I've discovered that this new "admirer" can't let go with me. We spent new year's eve together, we go to work together, we cook together, we watch TV together, and to cut it short, we started sharing everything together. That's true; this madly in love with me is SICKNESS!
Yep, exactly two days after recovering from this strong cold I got, I got sick again, but this time I couldn't move one cm. I stayed in bed for days. Couldn't even open my eyes.
Once again I took days off from work, stayed at home, and took more and more medicine.
Without my husband's help I don't think I could've managed. Anyway, now I got only a little bit better as i can open my eyes normally and write. I got back to work finally and hope that things will get better.
I must say I missed that blog...