Thursday, January 08, 2004

40 Days Already!

And it's still like yesterday when the famous Tunisian singer Thikra (Zekra) Mohamed was forced to leave her place in this world. Today is exactly day 40 ever since she was murdered in a very cruel and ugly way, and by whom her husband.The man she trusted, the man she shared the most preacious gift God has given us:Life, but now and as the murder took place we know that her husband never appreciated her trust and never respected her decision to share him her life, not only that but even worse, we know that he actually never saw life as precious as it really is, and to him taking away his life as well as others' who trusted him is a piece of cake.
God! every time I remember what happened I feel I can't keep on sitting and feel like screaming out of anger. But what can we do!
Now there is this tradition most of the Arab Muslims follow in case of death of someone which is gathering again on day 40 of the person's death, where they all pray for the dead and where the Holy Quran is read till the end on this day.
And not only Thikra's family and her relatives will gather today, and not only her friends or her fans, but also all those who knew her a little and were so touched with what happened to this young singer, this nice woman, and this decieved wife.
One of the things I was waiting to watch is this T.V. Program that will be aired today on channel Tunis7, where all the singing stars will share some memories about Thikra, talk about their relationship with her and express their sad feelings towards this tragedy that resulted in the loss of one of the most successful and talented singers in the Arab World.
On the other hand, the Tunisian T.V. haven't stopped showing Thikra's songs on T.V., either in concerts, or in Video Clips, ever since her death. Even the last one that was still not completed totally as she died while it was being prepared, the one called "Youm Leek Ou Youm Aleek" (Hope I got it right), the producer decided to add the final touches and showed it on T.V. as a gift of honor to the singer he respected a lot.
What a lot of non Arabs might not know is this sad thing about her name, a beautiful Arabic name "Thikra", which means :"Memory", and unfortunately her beautiful name transferred from just a nice meaning into reality, and Thikra has become only a memory for all those who once knew year and for all those who knew her after her terrible death.
Let us all pray for Thikra and all dear people who left us either in normal or horrible circumstances, let's pray for their forgiveness, and May their souls rest in peace.
God Bless You And Protect You All, and may all of us share our lives with people who appreciate us for who we are, left us up when we're down, take our hands when we need help, and most important of all, ones who will protect us, care for us, surround us with love and ... love us for being alive!