Thursday, December 11, 2003

Wish I Didn't Know Her!

How many times did you meet people and then think: God i wish i didn't ever know this person!!
To me I never had this thought, i never regreted knowing any one at all. I appreciate knowing good people and learn from knowing bad ones how to choose better.
That was until recently, to be more accurate, until yesterday. I hated the minute I knew this girl, who no matter how much I'd try to explain how I feel about her, i will never succeed. That's all becuase she was SO MEAN to one of the closest people to me.
Unlike me and my family, she seems to come from a terrible background who finds it so normal and ok to play games with people's feelings and mess up their lives.
It makes me sick everytime I realize that such people actually exist.
Feelingless, rude, careless, mean, perfect actors and a lot more. I'm so sorry that I'm even writing about such a person, but I did so that if she was reading she'd wake up and know how others look at her, who knows, maybe she will stop being mean to others and try to change to the better.
One last thing I'd like to say to remind all people who are like her: no matter how long it took; all bad things you do to others will return to you one day, if not in a direct way, then in an indirect way through your family members and your beloved ones ... if you ever learned to love that is.