Thursday, December 25, 2003

Michael Jackson: The Legend!

I have just read the "Michael Jackson turns Jacko X" in Subzero Blue
about Michael Jackson converting to Islam. Now I still can’t believe it, for no other reason but the lack of trust in media these days.
But at the very same time, and if the news was true, then I am so happy. Happy that a star like Michael Jackson gave himself the time to reconsider his life in everyway. It shows that people are wrong when they say stars do nothing but gather money and attract cameras.
Now as I read in subzero blue post, the timing of Jackson’s conversion came at a bad period of Jackson’s life as a star. His last album revenues, the accusing of child molestation and all this made this period a hard and dark one. That’s absolutely right. But still I see nothing bad for Islam’s reputation, because choosing to convert to this religion, which already doesn’t have that great reputation, thanx to the misinterpretations and the efforts of anti-Islamists; so converting to this religion in such bad circumstances for him will only make things worse, if we look at it from the point of view of non-muslims. And I’m sure Michael Jackson knows this, so if he takes a step as converting he wont do it unless he is sure it’s the right decision for him to take and that it’ll be for his best.
I don’t care about how others look at his conversion, if it was for real that is. All I care about is for those people who converted to be really happy with their decisions. And the only thing that could harm the reputation of any religion is how its followers act, the real followers and not those who pretend to follow a certain religion when they’re way too far from it and its ethics from the inside.
Islam is known to be the religion that supports all people. A religion in which all people are equal and free. So even if Jackson converted to Islam when he felt lost or surrounded with problems, then it’s not wrong to do so if he got to know Islam well and learned a lot about it.
Let whoever it is say that people convert to Islam only when they’re in bad situations, who cares about such shallow opinions, all what we should care about is the spiritual, mental and inner satisfaction of those who converted. To know they did it because they believe in it. Even if they convert to escape a certain situation, it’s the result afterwards that counts.
If Jackson did really convert, then I don’t find it abnormal, on the contrary, and if we take a little look at what he’s been through lately, we’d see that this great star, who has spent his life singing for the pleasure of others, and gathered a fortune pleasing others with his unique and super music, this star whose success and life was dependent on the acceptance and admiration of the audience, when he was charged of child molestation, what did this audience do to him?
All what they did and will always do to him and to other stars, is nothing but buying his concert tickets, not for his interest, but for their own interest and pleasure, they’ll buy for his music which was and will always be the best and most beautiful.
But are they helping him defend himself? Are they helping him survive his problems, no, and maybe that was the thing that made him reconsider his life.
The fact that no matter what one would do for others, and no matter how successful and famous we get, the minute we slip or fall, no one helps us but the closest, and no one gives us a second chance but those who really and truly love us. And above all, no one sends us those few who love us to give us all the support we need to go on, and no one gives us the hope to continue and hold on tight but God.
If Jackson did really convert to Islam, then may he find peace in life and add to its good. If he didn’t convert, then let him know it was good to believe this rumor. May he find the missing links to make all his wishes come true, and may he find the keys to happiness. I myself will always look at Michael Jackson as a sparkling star who created a great impressive twist in the world of music. And it will be easy for a person like that to find the right way when he’s lost and to stand up after each fall. The minute you find who you really are, the minute you believe in yourself, you’ll no longer need makeup on your face to cover or to improve the look of it, you’ll be proud of your looks, you’ll be holding your head up high and wont fear anything in this world, you wont need body guards surrounding you. You wont need special costumes coz you’ll know people who truly love you, they love you for who you are not what you look like, and you’ll know by simply being yourself that you are not alone.
We’ll always believe that it’s never too late to: “ Heal The World, Make It A Better Place" :) .