Tuesday, December 23, 2003

M6 Concert

Well, I must say it was a great concert. The singers, the atmosphere, the organization, everything was so great. And above all the beauty of the Médina. When you get inside it you can’t but believe it’s an old town, not a place built in the shape of an old town. It’s wonderful. The colors they painted the walls with, the structure of the whole town and even the streets of it were all made in the ways older generations used to make.

Other than the fact that a group of the most successful French singers were present, there was this new little talent that was shown to the audience. A little Tunisian girl called Amal, she sings and plays the guitar. She had a great chance to sing around 4 songs before the concert actually began. She has a wonderful voice, and sang in Arabic, French, English and Spanish I guess. I loved her style, and I loved her voice, plus her playing on the guitar :) .
I guess this concert gave her a very big chance to express herself, and I hope that they’d take care of her talent so that it wont be wasted or used like a lot of other voices, to be a means of collecting money.
Now to the funniest part. This concert will be shown twice on two different television channels; so imagine you’re clapping and singing along with a certain singer, and then you see him go back to behind the stage, the show introducers jumping on stage again, and introducing the same singer with the same song he’s gonna sing once again, and last but not least, imagine how the crowd would clap and scream again as if it’s the first time this singer will appear on stage, loool, that was really funny. Yet what I couldn’t stop laughing about was the new year countdown. God it was funny, see what I mean, here I am laughing my head off again. Every time I recall the picture of us and the rest of the audience looking at the stars on stage and counting: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1!!! Then shouting: HEEEEEEEEEEEY, and watch them all exchange new year’s greetings and kisses; And 2 seconds later the stars are asked to go to where they came from the first time, and we’re asked to count again and again 10 …..3-2-1 ; HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY, and then watch them greet and kiss again, in the same excitement and same happiness of the first time, till I actually believed it was 2004 already!!! God, that was funny.
Oh, and one more thing worth sharing is this false idea people have about Tunisia and some other Arab countries about being warm day and night all around the year, loool. It’s true the weather is warmer than it is in Europe and other parts of the world, but at night, in winter, and in December, it can be nothing but freezing!! But still we saw the show introducers and the stars all dressed in summer clothes, some were almost naked and I bet they’re on their dying bed right now… and funniest of all was while they were shooting and saying to the camera: “Oh Tunisia, the weather is so warm, we can’t even stand coming near each other from the heat”. And of course they were wearing veeeeery light clothes, their bodies as well as their voices were shaking from cold, at the very same time that we, the audience, were waving to the cameras and singing along with nothing appearing from us but our faces and red noses, loool. Give me a break; who would believe them when they say it’s warm, when all what people would sea is hats, thick jackets and scarves all over the place!!!
Anyway I enjoyed myself a lot; but I must admit that I woke up really late next day, thank God it was a Sunday! And up till now I feel the need of getting more sleep. We spent all the time standing up, that isn’t something very relaxing you know.