Monday, December 08, 2003

Horray Miss Afghanistan

A lot of people have paid attention to what was happening in Afghanistan when the war on it took place. But as soon as the end of war was pronounced, they forgot about the misery of its people, and they no longer care to know the latest news. A very imprtant fact is that there has never been an end put to the war in Afghanistan, exactly the opposite, what Media announced as the end was nothing but the begenning of the real war. A war that aimes at destroying more, showing off power in the worst way ever by killing more and more innocent people. Only on Saturday 9 innocent children were killed by "mistake" in south Afghanistan while they were peacefully playing in a RESIDENCE in Makur, 85 km south west the city of Ghazni.
This happened as the american army was chasing some "terrorists", when authorities pronounced officially that they weren't even there!!
Another MISTAKE thath caused the death of innocent citizens. That's all we heard about ever since they claimed the end of war. Nothing but more destruction, more victims, more chasing, and more mstakes. What did Afghanistan win? NOTHING BUT A "MISS AFGHANISTAN" that was able to participate in Miss Wormd competetions. Miss Afghanistan who was so proud to wander almost naked in front of people, so proud as she broke the chains of Taliban and proved that women are SEX OBJECTS.
I've never been with strict limitations of Taliban. Women weren't having their full rights, and this is against Islam. Islam is a religion proud of women and wants all to respect them as equal members of society and wants to protect them from being looked at as hotties! And Islam is a religion that believes in being modest. Taliban were too strict, but still that doesnt mean showing off a woman's body is the right way to prove her freedom. As I see it, it proves nothing but failure in protecting the human dignity in general and the women pride in specific.
But it doesnt matter as long as the whole world seem to be encouraging this.
Anyway, i wish to hear one positive, really positive act taking place in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. For up till now there is nothing to please anyone with a sense of logic. All we can do is wait and see, and while waiting there will be more "army errors" , and then we hear apologies and things get back to normal afterwards. But what if any other country killed some american citizens by mistake as well, would their apology be accepted, or would there be another war to stop the "terrorist attacks"...