Thursday, December 04, 2003

Dreams... Can They Really Come True

I consider myself a lucky yet weird person as I dream of what I need in real life. This sounds normal, but wait till you know what I dream of and then see whether it’s normal or not.
As we all know our subconscious plays the biggest role in creating our dreams. So if you see something that affected you emotionally, or if you have a certain feeling due to an inner desire or the fear of something, then you can have a self-created dream, of course without you believing that you actually caused this dream to be created. So next morning you find yourself either scared to death that your dream will come true, or so anxious for things to happen the way you saw in your dream, or , or ,or.
And I’ve always been amazed with the scientific interpretations for dreams, how they’re created, their actual duration and everything. And psychologists consider dreams a “relief”, which I myself find so impressive.
But what makes me crazy is what I dream of.
For instance, I speak Arabic, English and German and on my way to speaking French. I know so little about Italian, Turkish and Hebrew. But I have NO IDEA about Spanish. Now in that case how would my subconscious create a 3-day Spanish course?! Yes, believe it or not, I dreamed of a famous Egyptian actress called Mariam Fakhreddine, I dreamed of her giving me Spanish lessons. This dream continued for 3 days. And the surprise is that every time I woke up, I remembered how the Spanish words were spelled, pronounced and what they meant. So I had to go check on the net to make sure the words were really Spanish and meant the same meaning I got from my dream. And it turned out they were correct!!! So basically after 3 days I was able to count to 10, say “hi”, “my name is Eman”, “how are you”, “woman”, “man”, “baby”, “friend”, and got a basic background of how certain letters are pronounced in Spanish. Isn’t this incredible?
Not that I consider my subconscious useless, no, in fact I love it, and if it wasn’t the cause of my dreams, then I guess It’s God’s gift that made me so lucky to dream of people and events that I miss like hell.
Ever since I got to Tunisia, I never missed a single family occasion in Jordan as I dreamed them all. The birthdays of my parents, brothers, sisters and nephews, I saw them all, I chose the cake with them, I prepared food with them, I decorated the house with them, I even blew the candles with them, took pics of them and wished them happy birthdays!
When I know by the phone that someone of them is sick, we talk together, we go to the doc together and we buy medicine together… in my dreams that is.
I help them in almost everything as if I was present. And when I need to hear their conversation, jokes, listen to their problems, I find myself surrounded with them and our voices would be as loud and warm as if they were real.
Every time I have such dreams of my family and people that I once loved and no longer know where they are or what they do, I wake up so happy and so touched that I was together with them, but 2 seconds later when I realize it was nothing but a dream, I miss them all even more, and I wonder, am I lucky to have dreamt of them, or is it that I’ve become so desperate to accept some dreams replacing the real thing ?
Would my dreams come true!! Perhaps yes, maybe no, but then again I say to myself, nothing’s impossible if we believe strong enough in it.
And I do believe in my dreams.