Saturday, December 20, 2003

AquaCool & The Annoying Cold :P

One of the things i really hate is catching cold. The weather has been so unstable in the last coupl eof weeks, once cold, once warm, most of the time so windy, which made me sick. I had strong cold and was suffering from it, you know, coughing, slight fever and this feeling of weakness, i just hate it.
I had to take a day off from work, and up till this day I can't do anything as good as I want. At work I can barely focus, the letters are mixed up together in the keyboard and it takes me double the time to complete something.
At home, everything's in beg mess, i have no power to do anything but cooking, lol. Well yes, I LOVE cooking, and unlike a lot of people I know, when I cook I love to eat my cooking. Well, a lot of people I know say that when someone cooks then they don't feel like eating that much, but it's not the case with me, I eat with veeeery good appetite :) .
Anyway, I just thought I'd post it that I'm sick and that's why my blog was kind of "paused" lately. Today I'm feeling better though, so I'll rest more and then might have something to post tomorrow or the day after.
As for now, I'll get back to resting, speially that we have a busy night tonight, we're going out for the opening of Al Medina, a whole town built in the style of an old town with all its details. It's located in Yasmine Hammamet, around an hour driving, or maybe an hour with my husbands' driving, lol, i don't know. Anyway, I love Yasmine Hammamet and when my little sister visited us she loved it as well.
So tonight is the opening and there will be the M6 Music Concert. Now if I get back in the same condition I'm in now, then I promise to write you about it all. If you find nothing till Monday, then you'd know I got really worse ;) .
Have a great weekend all of you, and till the next post :)