Friday, December 26, 2003

Christmas, A Day Just Like Any Other!

Beit Lahm, the birthplace of Jesus, was crowded with Christian Palestinians, whose hearts were filled with worries and insecurity rather than joy of celebrating Christmas. Surrounded with Israeli army pointing their guns towards the little smiling angels “to assure a peaceful and a secure atmosphere”, the lights of Christmas were once again shut down leaving this holy city as dark as the deep of an ocean.
Israel announced that it will loosen the military blockage imposed in the West Bank to allow the pilgrims to join the city and its church at the time of Christmas. Yet most of the spectators were inhabitants of the city and salesmen of souvenirs. This almost total absence of pilgrims is a sad phenomena, for Beit Lahm used to be filled with pilgrims from around the world to celebrate and pray together. Not to forget that Israel forbid the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat for the third year in a row , from sharing his people such an occasion. On the other hand, Isreal’s restrictions didn’t succeed in preventing thousands of Christian Palestinians from meeting together to attend the traditional procession of before the midnight mass, directed by Michel Sabbah, a Latin patriarch of Jerusalem.
" Earlier ,people were accustomed to spending all the year awaiting Christmas. Nowadays, Christmas is one day like any other day of the year", said a taxi driver to the daily newspaper “La Presse”. Christine Jildeh, a Christian woman living in Jerusalem added: “There are so much people who are afraid to come. Road controls are such a burden. Many people think that it is simply better remain where they are”. "There are almost no tourists, only people from here. There has been no work for three years because there are no more tourists ", said Caroline Mickel in front of her souvenir shop.
The stop signs installed in all roads of Beit Lahm and the close villages, as well as the construction work on the neighboring hills of the Israeli “safety fence”, leave the inhabitants little hope to transport and gather.
Islamic as well as Christian holy occasions have lost their taste and joy in Palestine. And while all the people of the world celebrate the birth of the three religions, Palestine, the source of all the three is left to suffer alone; left to mourn the loss of its people silently without the right to even kiss them goodbye.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Michael Jackson: The Legend!

I have just read the "Michael Jackson turns Jacko X" in Subzero Blue
about Michael Jackson converting to Islam. Now I still can’t believe it, for no other reason but the lack of trust in media these days.
But at the very same time, and if the news was true, then I am so happy. Happy that a star like Michael Jackson gave himself the time to reconsider his life in everyway. It shows that people are wrong when they say stars do nothing but gather money and attract cameras.
Now as I read in subzero blue post, the timing of Jackson’s conversion came at a bad period of Jackson’s life as a star. His last album revenues, the accusing of child molestation and all this made this period a hard and dark one. That’s absolutely right. But still I see nothing bad for Islam’s reputation, because choosing to convert to this religion, which already doesn’t have that great reputation, thanx to the misinterpretations and the efforts of anti-Islamists; so converting to this religion in such bad circumstances for him will only make things worse, if we look at it from the point of view of non-muslims. And I’m sure Michael Jackson knows this, so if he takes a step as converting he wont do it unless he is sure it’s the right decision for him to take and that it’ll be for his best.
I don’t care about how others look at his conversion, if it was for real that is. All I care about is for those people who converted to be really happy with their decisions. And the only thing that could harm the reputation of any religion is how its followers act, the real followers and not those who pretend to follow a certain religion when they’re way too far from it and its ethics from the inside.
Islam is known to be the religion that supports all people. A religion in which all people are equal and free. So even if Jackson converted to Islam when he felt lost or surrounded with problems, then it’s not wrong to do so if he got to know Islam well and learned a lot about it.
Let whoever it is say that people convert to Islam only when they’re in bad situations, who cares about such shallow opinions, all what we should care about is the spiritual, mental and inner satisfaction of those who converted. To know they did it because they believe in it. Even if they convert to escape a certain situation, it’s the result afterwards that counts.
If Jackson did really convert, then I don’t find it abnormal, on the contrary, and if we take a little look at what he’s been through lately, we’d see that this great star, who has spent his life singing for the pleasure of others, and gathered a fortune pleasing others with his unique and super music, this star whose success and life was dependent on the acceptance and admiration of the audience, when he was charged of child molestation, what did this audience do to him?
All what they did and will always do to him and to other stars, is nothing but buying his concert tickets, not for his interest, but for their own interest and pleasure, they’ll buy for his music which was and will always be the best and most beautiful.
But are they helping him defend himself? Are they helping him survive his problems, no, and maybe that was the thing that made him reconsider his life.
The fact that no matter what one would do for others, and no matter how successful and famous we get, the minute we slip or fall, no one helps us but the closest, and no one gives us a second chance but those who really and truly love us. And above all, no one sends us those few who love us to give us all the support we need to go on, and no one gives us the hope to continue and hold on tight but God.
If Jackson did really convert to Islam, then may he find peace in life and add to its good. If he didn’t convert, then let him know it was good to believe this rumor. May he find the missing links to make all his wishes come true, and may he find the keys to happiness. I myself will always look at Michael Jackson as a sparkling star who created a great impressive twist in the world of music. And it will be easy for a person like that to find the right way when he’s lost and to stand up after each fall. The minute you find who you really are, the minute you believe in yourself, you’ll no longer need makeup on your face to cover or to improve the look of it, you’ll be proud of your looks, you’ll be holding your head up high and wont fear anything in this world, you wont need body guards surrounding you. You wont need special costumes coz you’ll know people who truly love you, they love you for who you are not what you look like, and you’ll know by simply being yourself that you are not alone.
We’ll always believe that it’s never too late to: “ Heal The World, Make It A Better Place" :) .

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

M6 Concert

Well, I must say it was a great concert. The singers, the atmosphere, the organization, everything was so great. And above all the beauty of the Médina. When you get inside it you can’t but believe it’s an old town, not a place built in the shape of an old town. It’s wonderful. The colors they painted the walls with, the structure of the whole town and even the streets of it were all made in the ways older generations used to make.

Other than the fact that a group of the most successful French singers were present, there was this new little talent that was shown to the audience. A little Tunisian girl called Amal, she sings and plays the guitar. She had a great chance to sing around 4 songs before the concert actually began. She has a wonderful voice, and sang in Arabic, French, English and Spanish I guess. I loved her style, and I loved her voice, plus her playing on the guitar :) .
I guess this concert gave her a very big chance to express herself, and I hope that they’d take care of her talent so that it wont be wasted or used like a lot of other voices, to be a means of collecting money.
Now to the funniest part. This concert will be shown twice on two different television channels; so imagine you’re clapping and singing along with a certain singer, and then you see him go back to behind the stage, the show introducers jumping on stage again, and introducing the same singer with the same song he’s gonna sing once again, and last but not least, imagine how the crowd would clap and scream again as if it’s the first time this singer will appear on stage, loool, that was really funny. Yet what I couldn’t stop laughing about was the new year countdown. God it was funny, see what I mean, here I am laughing my head off again. Every time I recall the picture of us and the rest of the audience looking at the stars on stage and counting: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1!!! Then shouting: HEEEEEEEEEEEY, and watch them all exchange new year’s greetings and kisses; And 2 seconds later the stars are asked to go to where they came from the first time, and we’re asked to count again and again 10 …..3-2-1 ; HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY, and then watch them greet and kiss again, in the same excitement and same happiness of the first time, till I actually believed it was 2004 already!!! God, that was funny.
Oh, and one more thing worth sharing is this false idea people have about Tunisia and some other Arab countries about being warm day and night all around the year, loool. It’s true the weather is warmer than it is in Europe and other parts of the world, but at night, in winter, and in December, it can be nothing but freezing!! But still we saw the show introducers and the stars all dressed in summer clothes, some were almost naked and I bet they’re on their dying bed right now… and funniest of all was while they were shooting and saying to the camera: “Oh Tunisia, the weather is so warm, we can’t even stand coming near each other from the heat”. And of course they were wearing veeeeery light clothes, their bodies as well as their voices were shaking from cold, at the very same time that we, the audience, were waving to the cameras and singing along with nothing appearing from us but our faces and red noses, loool. Give me a break; who would believe them when they say it’s warm, when all what people would sea is hats, thick jackets and scarves all over the place!!!
Anyway I enjoyed myself a lot; but I must admit that I woke up really late next day, thank God it was a Sunday! And up till now I feel the need of getting more sleep. We spent all the time standing up, that isn’t something very relaxing you know.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

AquaCool & The Annoying Cold :P

One of the things i really hate is catching cold. The weather has been so unstable in the last coupl eof weeks, once cold, once warm, most of the time so windy, which made me sick. I had strong cold and was suffering from it, you know, coughing, slight fever and this feeling of weakness, i just hate it.
I had to take a day off from work, and up till this day I can't do anything as good as I want. At work I can barely focus, the letters are mixed up together in the keyboard and it takes me double the time to complete something.
At home, everything's in beg mess, i have no power to do anything but cooking, lol. Well yes, I LOVE cooking, and unlike a lot of people I know, when I cook I love to eat my cooking. Well, a lot of people I know say that when someone cooks then they don't feel like eating that much, but it's not the case with me, I eat with veeeery good appetite :) .
Anyway, I just thought I'd post it that I'm sick and that's why my blog was kind of "paused" lately. Today I'm feeling better though, so I'll rest more and then might have something to post tomorrow or the day after.
As for now, I'll get back to resting, speially that we have a busy night tonight, we're going out for the opening of Al Medina, a whole town built in the style of an old town with all its details. It's located in Yasmine Hammamet, around an hour driving, or maybe an hour with my husbands' driving, lol, i don't know. Anyway, I love Yasmine Hammamet and when my little sister visited us she loved it as well.
So tonight is the opening and there will be the M6 Music Concert. Now if I get back in the same condition I'm in now, then I promise to write you about it all. If you find nothing till Monday, then you'd know I got really worse ;) .
Have a great weekend all of you, and till the next post :)

Monday, December 15, 2003

Money, Money, Money

How many times did you dream of money falling on you out of nowhere? And how many times did you think and think and think of what you’d actually do if you really won 100.000$ or even 1.000.000 $?
Each one of us thought of this even at early stages of life. For materialistic anxiety grows with us from the minute we begin to realize possessiveness. So a one year old kid would start out being happy for having new things, and will get angry if another kid tried to lay hands on his own stuff.
And day by day the meaning of possession as “keeping” transforms into “getting”, and from “getting” into “getting more and more”. I don’t see this as the destructive kind of materialism, in fact I find it abnormal for someone not to love having more. I didn’t mean abnormal in the negative sense, but I just find it rather unusual.
Yet possession becomes really dangerous when it becomes an obsession; i.e. collecting whatever you find nice reaching a point where it’s never enough to get you satisfied. And unfortunately a lot of us do this. I know girls who buy 4 pieces of the same damn shirt, with the same damn design, and from the same damn store, not because they felt cozy in it or found it practical, and not because they found the price reasonable, no they bought them just because they want to have them even if they cost a lot.
Or when I visit someone and find the same vase with the same design, same color, and same shape in every corner of the sitting room, why? Because it looks good.
Or a friend having a new mobile to add to his “mobile collection”, which is by the way still new. Why? Simply because he thinks it’s cool.
Anyway, and regardless of what others do, I’m one of the people who’d love to wake up one morning and find a card in my letterbox congratulating me for winning a huge amount of money in one of the competitions I participated in for example.
I’d love it to open my eyes to find a bag full of money next to me. And who hates easy money, although I believe that “easy come, easy go” because one wont appreciate them as much as earned money is appreciated. Money that you paid effort, time and nerves to get. Money for which you sacrificed a lot of things to get.
I always think of making more money, not because I’m greedy, but because I know I wont win a big amount of money. It’s not that I’m not a Lucky Eman, but it’s simply that I never buy lottery tickets, and because all what I participate in are some simple budget-limited competitions in which you either win 100$, books, or anything you cant “spend”.
So I always think of ways to make more money, on one hand to get the necessary things I need and on the other hand because I know there are millions of people out there who need money but can’t have it on their own, either because of war, or illness, or lack of qualifications, or anything else.
I want more money because I know that in our time you have to pay a lot just to get the simplest things you wish to have. I want to help people, I want to stop pollution, I want to do something good.
God! When I think of it, I realize that I have a lot of great ideas to help the needy and all what’s missing is money… hmm, on second thoughts, I guess all what’s missing is a FORTUNE :)
I hate the idea that says: as long as I’m ok, have enough money for myself, can afford a good level of life, then I shouldn’t have worries. NO! I thank God day and night for what I have, but I still want more to change this time in which life has become like a “hair-dryer” blowing our money far away in different unknown directions leaving us as dry as a dehydrated lake. People look at it, wishing it had water and fish to offer them, but they find nothing but a wasted space. I’m serious, think of it, you’d be living let’s say with your salary, and then your roommate or spouse for example gets a job. You’ll find out so soon that it’d be a disaster if one of you two lost their job, ALTHOUGH you were managing with one before your partner got the job. Money is so easily and quickly blown away nowadays. But you know what, I guess it’s something wrong in us. We don’t stick to a certain measure. I mean necessity is dependant of money sometimes. Little money make satellites an extra luxurious entertainment device, but a lot of money makes them a necessity. Little money find a telephone perfect for keeping in touch. A lot of money makes it a necessity to have an internet connection and a mobile phone if not two.
Even wishes differ from a layer to the other. If you ask a poor person what he wishes for, he’ll say: “I wish I’ll fall asleep peacefully and when I wake up the next morning I wont worry about how would I get money to feed my family”. And when you ask someone with more money he’d reply: “ I wish to have a house of my own”. But when you ask a rich person, he’d answer: “ I wish to build a palace in each country I love”, and finally when you ask a super rich fellow, he’d answer: “ I wish to have a wish”.
No one is satisfied with what they have, all want more money, even if they deny it. Some wish for themselves to have more, some wish to have more for others, and some wish to have more for both themselves and others, and I belong to the last group.
But that doesn’t mean that we can’t survive with little money, and that doesn’t mean that if we wish to have more but we don’t then it’s the end of the world.
It’s a sweet self-challenge that keeps us active, creative, motivated and ambitious. Even if we don’t fulfill any of our wishes, we’d still have the honor of feeling, trying and dreaming.
But one thing we should all keep in mind: money is a big responsibility; you should know how to spend it, where to spend it, when to spend it and on what and on whom to spend it. Money is a test, you either pass and lead a happy life, or fail and then all the money of the world wont succeed in putting a true smile on your face. Money isn’t what controls us and our desires, we are the ones to control money. Money can never replace a true friend, can never be your heart, and shall never take the place of your mind. Money isn’t a goal, it’s the means of reaching some goals. Money is very important indeed, but it must never be your first priority. And always remember, we don’t live to collect money, we collect it to help us live.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Environment In The Eyes Of Islam

Islam is a religion that discusses everything a person could ever think of. This is a fact, from the most personal issues such as hygiene, relationships and behavior for example, till the most general issues of life, like universe and the environment.
Whatever the question is, Islam has the answer to it. Not only this, but it also provides certain predictions concerning humanity, civilization and the future, add to it all the historical details it gives about ancient civilizations.
This isn’t what Muslims only say, but also non-Muslims who studied Islam and got deep into its details.
I can go on forever if I wanted to talk about topics in Islam and how they’re looked at, as I find it really interesting. But I wanted to talk about environment in this post.
Islam urged people to appreciate what the environment offers to humanity. It provides oxygen, protects from sun rays and poisonous gases and it offers the ground to be planted with different kinds of fruits and vegetables as well as trees to decorate the world with its beauty, add to its color, purifie air, produce oxygen, strengthen the ground and hold it together, and assure the balance of the water circulation. A lot more about environment and its importance was mentioned in Quran and by the Prophet Mohammad. People are urged to study in order to understand nature so that they can be able to protect it.
In Islam, nature and the environment are a big responsibility that humanity should take.
From the point of view of Islam, the protection of the environment starts with the person himself. One should always be clean, smell clean, and wear clean clothes. One’s home should be clean and everything personal should not be misused.
In that way children will automatically grow up with an understanding of hygiene protection.
Next comes the importance of keeping the outside clean as well. Islam stresses the necessity of dealing with the streets, neighborhood, shopping centers and public places as if they were our own homes. So throwing garbage in the streets or allowing children to mess up the neighborhood is not accepted.
In Islam every sane adult person is responsible and should help save the environment from pollution. Tree leaves aren’t to be cut for example.
And here are some really interesting points that crossed my mind now:
- Encouraging Agriculture:
Prophet Mohammad said: “if you plant a tree, and then a human, animal or bird ate from it, you’ll be rewarded”.
Adding more green spaces is something very positive for both you and the environment. And one of the trees with a special value and which was specifically mentioned in Quran is the olive tree. Because of what it has to offer: its olives, the oil of its olives and its wood. Taking into consideration the fact that it doesn’t demand a lot of watering and can survive all weather conditions.

- War Rules Didn’t Forget The Environment:
Islam forbids the following in case of war:
1. Killing women, children or old people of the enemy. They should be kept safe, untouched and never be tortured. They should never be treated as slaves, for Islam doesn’t believe in slavery. All people are equal, all people are born free.
2. Cutting or burning trees. Islam forbids Muslims from harming any single tree in the country of the enemy. They should be protected.

- Be kind to animals:Environment is not only air, soil, water and plants. There is a very important element: Animals.
· Don’t torture animals. Prophet Mohammad has mentioned a story of a woman who had a cat in her home. This woman was a very nice person in her relations with others. She did all her religious responsibilities, but still, when she died God didn’t want her to be in heaven. She was to go to hell. People were shocked to know this, for she was ideal to them (religiously speaking). When they asked about the reason, they knew it was because of her cat. She didn’t treat it well. She let it starve from hunger and thirst. God wants us to be kind to animals. Children shouldn’t take them as toys, and adults shouldn’t torture them in any way. They should be cared for as much as possible.
· Animals should be respected even after death. If you hit an animal with your car by accident, you should remove its body from the way and bury it so that it won’t be crossed over by someone else like a piece of trash and so that no other animals would mess with its body. The body should be respected and be kept safe. On the other hand burrying the body prevents the bacteria from spreading by air, affecting other living beings and causing diseases. And even if it wasn’t you who hit the animal and you just found it dead, then you have to bury it.

Other than the mentioned above, it is known that one of the Prophet Mohammad’s companions raised a cat as a pet. Which means Islam isn’t against having pets. But one animal Islam avoids as a pet to be kept inside the home is the dog, for hygienic reasons. Reasons that were studied and proved by health scientists. For the dog saliva carries certain microbes that are easily transmitted to humans and that affect the health negatively. Other than that the dog has a certain smell, now that smell signifies that no matter how hard you’d try to clean it, 100% cleanliness is not guaranteed, not like cats or birds for example.
It’s true that a lot of people have dogs at their places and are living healthy and happy, but it was proven that they suffer from either breathing or skin problems, could be in early or late stages of life. If not then they must have spent a fortune on vaccinating their dogs and themselves.
Yet Islam considers dogs smart and useful, for instance it’s ok to use dogs in security matters or in guiding blind people as long as they’ll (the dogs) be kept in special places for dogs outside homes, where they’d be offered food, water, care and a clean environment. So point is, keep them outside. Clean yourself very well in case of contact with their saliva. By the way I’m not trying to convince those of you who have dogs to get rid of them, I'm just explaining some points as Islam see them and as science interpreted, you can make research and either keep or get rid of your dogs, it's up to you :) .

To sum it all up, environment in the eyes of Islam is as a preacious pearl taken from the bottom of the ocean, we should know how to protect it and we should remove the dust from it to make sure it’ll keep glowing and we’ll keep admiring it as it shines…

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Wish I Didn't Know Her!

How many times did you meet people and then think: God i wish i didn't ever know this person!!
To me I never had this thought, i never regreted knowing any one at all. I appreciate knowing good people and learn from knowing bad ones how to choose better.
That was until recently, to be more accurate, until yesterday. I hated the minute I knew this girl, who no matter how much I'd try to explain how I feel about her, i will never succeed. That's all becuase she was SO MEAN to one of the closest people to me.
Unlike me and my family, she seems to come from a terrible background who finds it so normal and ok to play games with people's feelings and mess up their lives.
It makes me sick everytime I realize that such people actually exist.
Feelingless, rude, careless, mean, perfect actors and a lot more. I'm so sorry that I'm even writing about such a person, but I did so that if she was reading she'd wake up and know how others look at her, who knows, maybe she will stop being mean to others and try to change to the better.
One last thing I'd like to say to remind all people who are like her: no matter how long it took; all bad things you do to others will return to you one day, if not in a direct way, then in an indirect way through your family members and your beloved ones ... if you ever learned to love that is.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Horray Miss Afghanistan

A lot of people have paid attention to what was happening in Afghanistan when the war on it took place. But as soon as the end of war was pronounced, they forgot about the misery of its people, and they no longer care to know the latest news. A very imprtant fact is that there has never been an end put to the war in Afghanistan, exactly the opposite, what Media announced as the end was nothing but the begenning of the real war. A war that aimes at destroying more, showing off power in the worst way ever by killing more and more innocent people. Only on Saturday 9 innocent children were killed by "mistake" in south Afghanistan while they were peacefully playing in a RESIDENCE in Makur, 85 km south west the city of Ghazni.
This happened as the american army was chasing some "terrorists", when authorities pronounced officially that they weren't even there!!
Another MISTAKE thath caused the death of innocent citizens. That's all we heard about ever since they claimed the end of war. Nothing but more destruction, more victims, more chasing, and more mstakes. What did Afghanistan win? NOTHING BUT A "MISS AFGHANISTAN" that was able to participate in Miss Wormd competetions. Miss Afghanistan who was so proud to wander almost naked in front of people, so proud as she broke the chains of Taliban and proved that women are SEX OBJECTS.
I've never been with strict limitations of Taliban. Women weren't having their full rights, and this is against Islam. Islam is a religion proud of women and wants all to respect them as equal members of society and wants to protect them from being looked at as hotties! And Islam is a religion that believes in being modest. Taliban were too strict, but still that doesnt mean showing off a woman's body is the right way to prove her freedom. As I see it, it proves nothing but failure in protecting the human dignity in general and the women pride in specific.
But it doesnt matter as long as the whole world seem to be encouraging this.
Anyway, i wish to hear one positive, really positive act taking place in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. For up till now there is nothing to please anyone with a sense of logic. All we can do is wait and see, and while waiting there will be more "army errors" , and then we hear apologies and things get back to normal afterwards. But what if any other country killed some american citizens by mistake as well, would their apology be accepted, or would there be another war to stop the "terrorist attacks"...

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Dreams... Can They Really Come True

I consider myself a lucky yet weird person as I dream of what I need in real life. This sounds normal, but wait till you know what I dream of and then see whether it’s normal or not.
As we all know our subconscious plays the biggest role in creating our dreams. So if you see something that affected you emotionally, or if you have a certain feeling due to an inner desire or the fear of something, then you can have a self-created dream, of course without you believing that you actually caused this dream to be created. So next morning you find yourself either scared to death that your dream will come true, or so anxious for things to happen the way you saw in your dream, or , or ,or.
And I’ve always been amazed with the scientific interpretations for dreams, how they’re created, their actual duration and everything. And psychologists consider dreams a “relief”, which I myself find so impressive.
But what makes me crazy is what I dream of.
For instance, I speak Arabic, English and German and on my way to speaking French. I know so little about Italian, Turkish and Hebrew. But I have NO IDEA about Spanish. Now in that case how would my subconscious create a 3-day Spanish course?! Yes, believe it or not, I dreamed of a famous Egyptian actress called Mariam Fakhreddine, I dreamed of her giving me Spanish lessons. This dream continued for 3 days. And the surprise is that every time I woke up, I remembered how the Spanish words were spelled, pronounced and what they meant. So I had to go check on the net to make sure the words were really Spanish and meant the same meaning I got from my dream. And it turned out they were correct!!! So basically after 3 days I was able to count to 10, say “hi”, “my name is Eman”, “how are you”, “woman”, “man”, “baby”, “friend”, and got a basic background of how certain letters are pronounced in Spanish. Isn’t this incredible?
Not that I consider my subconscious useless, no, in fact I love it, and if it wasn’t the cause of my dreams, then I guess It’s God’s gift that made me so lucky to dream of people and events that I miss like hell.
Ever since I got to Tunisia, I never missed a single family occasion in Jordan as I dreamed them all. The birthdays of my parents, brothers, sisters and nephews, I saw them all, I chose the cake with them, I prepared food with them, I decorated the house with them, I even blew the candles with them, took pics of them and wished them happy birthdays!
When I know by the phone that someone of them is sick, we talk together, we go to the doc together and we buy medicine together… in my dreams that is.
I help them in almost everything as if I was present. And when I need to hear their conversation, jokes, listen to their problems, I find myself surrounded with them and our voices would be as loud and warm as if they were real.
Every time I have such dreams of my family and people that I once loved and no longer know where they are or what they do, I wake up so happy and so touched that I was together with them, but 2 seconds later when I realize it was nothing but a dream, I miss them all even more, and I wonder, am I lucky to have dreamt of them, or is it that I’ve become so desperate to accept some dreams replacing the real thing ?
Would my dreams come true!! Perhaps yes, maybe no, but then again I say to myself, nothing’s impossible if we believe strong enough in it.
And I do believe in my dreams.