Thursday, November 13, 2003

We're All EYES For You Iraq... Sorry

“People will continue to suffer and will continue to live in those bad conditions for 100s of years due to this war”.
I heard this on Radio in the news bulletin on my way to home. They were talking about IRAQ. Iraqis are already suffering from terrible life conditions. No drinking water available, they’re drinking polluted and dirty water. No healthy food, low life standards. More people are killed on daily basis, and that’s all because of three little letters:
W A R !!!
War that was “supposed” to “help” Iraqis and provide them with a “better” life.
War that aimed at giving them “Freedom”. War that wanted to put a “smile” on the face of every Iraqi child.
I guess war did exactly what it always does anytime and anywhere. Nothing but destruction, more ruins, more pollution, worse food… if any that is! Awful injuries, corruption, fear, instability, insecurity, chaos, more homeless people, and an endless list of both old and new diseases that will keep on torturing their victims for years and years to come, with no budget to afford medicine.

What makes me feel so “proud” is the fact that everyone is WATCHING… as usual! Most of us don’t even think of helping in any way possible. We forget, or better say WE CHOOSE TO FORGET that every member of every society no matter how old or young, no matter what they do in life, we can all do something even if it was so small or considered to be useless.
Other than “thoughts”, which seems to be the only good thing we can all offer in such situations, there are clothes, medicine, money, food… ANYTHING! They don’t need anyone watching in front of TV with 100s of Klenix next to them and going like: Oh look at the blood… God poor kid, he’s crying… Oh, they’ve cut the poor woman’s head in front of her children!! Ah, all that shooting, how can they sleep?! Hey sweetie turn around I don’t want you to watch those disgusting scenes and have nightmares afterwards… THEY DON’T NEED THIS!!
A single plaster might help ease the pain of a wounded person and make him tolerate his pain till it’s his turn to be checked by a doctor. A milk bottle could feed one or two little babies and save them from starving to death. Some seeds could give hope to farmers and help them produce food, trust me on that.
We can do anything. But we prefer being ignorant, for we’re safe; for we keep on forgetting that a simple help can make a difference, and because we keep on forgetting that there is nothing to guarantee our safety for a lifetime. We could become victims of war any minute in such a time when negative power is thought of as the solution for all our problems.
But that’s the way it is I guess. We’d only feel sorry for others, as long as we’re far away from danger.
Once we’re the ones in need, things suddenly change.
Iraq and Palestine before it, we watch them both burn in front of our own eyes. We sigh and might cry as well every time we watch some live broadcast of what’s happening over there, but the minute our favorite comedy series begins, it all blows away, our houses are filled with loud laughs, and we’re too busy with our huge invitations to think of the “poor people”. As if nothing has happened at all.
Just a quick reminder: first it was Palestine, then Afghanistan and now Iraq… Any idea who’s next?!