Saturday, November 29, 2003

Simply Blown Away...

Yesterday I was shocked when I heard the news of the death of Thikra Mohamed (known as Zekra as well), a great Tunisian singer with a beautiful voice. I know that the fact someone is famous doesn't prevent that someone from death, but I was shocked for many reasons, one of them was her age as she died really young, but then again death doesnt select people according to their age, death reaches all at different ages and from different social levels.
Another things that caused my shock was her dying in the best stage of her life as a singer. Just when she has arrived to the top of her singing career death got her!
But what shocked me most was the way she was took away from life, she was KILLED, and even worse she was killed be her HUSBAND, not only this, but also the fact that he killed HER and HER MANAGER as well as HIS MANAGER and last but not least he killed HIMSELF!
Don't I have the right to be more than shocked.
Anyway all what was said about this after investigations was that the husband was drunk; had a fight with his wife while both his and her manager were there, shot them all, then shot himself!!
I've always hated such stories, I mean if he commited suicide and left others in peace it would be better, although I'm 100% against suicide, but still I can't tolerate the idea of someone choosing to end the life of someone else, whether close or far, whether they have their reasons or just being crazy, whether in war or in peace, I simply hate killing. One's life is created by God, and he is the only one who has the right to take it back when it's the right time, but for someone, who's created just like me and you, to come and simply decide to put an end to one's life, this is something I can't get!
And not only does killing destroy one's life but also the lives of all those related to him/ her, their families and everthing.
I hope people stop being insane and think as responsible beings with preacious brains carrying peaceful ideas to improve and help others, not to kill!
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