Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A Prison In Disguise!

I’ll just end my post with this last Israeli “creation”: THE PRISON. Yes it isn’t just a wall as everybody calls it. It’s meant to put Palestinians in a kind of prison. To isolate them, and cut food, water and energy. To steal their land while they’re watching. To take their belongings and to pull them back to the ancient decades of human life.
I remember when I studied the German history how proud, happy and pleased Germans were when the wall separating east and west Germany was destroyed. On the other hand I came across how miserable, hopeless and lost they were while it stood.
That wall separated families and broke a lot of hearts. The wall in Palestine is separating families and breaking hearts as well, but it’s built to pull them backwards, to make them surrender, to kill them slowly and to produce new illiterate generations full of fear and loneliness. Not to forget controlling their own water resources and land.
All I can say is building this wall is nothing but a sign of how strong Palestinians are. They’re too strong to be stopped by tanks, guns, bombs or false media, so the thought they need to be isolated to be controlled. What they don’t know till this moment is that their wall wont stop Palestinians. It will not make them give up. They will keep on struggling till they get their rights and get back their land.
Their land that was once like heaven on earth, and is nothing but wreckage because of war nowadays.
This prison will not weaken Palestinians, it will not let them down. It will show the world the real intentions of Israelis who claim they’re doing all this to protect their land… Israel. Which when looking at the maps of before wont be found, all what one could find is a peaceful word addressing a peaceful land called Palestine.
And a wall built to trap people will not frighten them and will not erase Palestine from anyone’s memory.
This prison will be the castle in which Palestinians will be united and prepared to stand up again.
Palestinians’ strong will, their determination, their devotion and their spirits are too high to hold back with a …wall!
God be with you all the way Palestine…