Thursday, November 06, 2003

Isn't It Weird!

All these huge help organizations and international associations: one for Human Rights, the other for Women Rights, another one for Saving Children, one for the Poor, one for the Orphans, some for Protecting Animals, another to Prevent Pollution, and a lot more institutions we created to "give us a hand" survive the bad sides of life, and still we find homeless people, criminals, thieves, people with no rights, no justice, problems, misery, poverty and failure.
We created laws to be fair to each other and stop violence, but we're still suffering. We invented machines and electronics to help us cook, wash, and even brush our own teeth, but we're still busy and can't find enough time to enjoy our lives. We made up driving rules to stop the danger of accidents, but still hundreds die every day. We invented planes to shorten distance, but still it's not short enough. No matter what we do, nothing seems good enough for us to live in peace, problem-free without any member of the society suffering. Life is becoming harder and cruelty is out of control. We reached a point where we did everything possible to improve, but still there is nothing left for us to do to improve the improved systems we created.
All this made me wonder… isn't weird?!