Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Happy ? Here You Go A Bad Day

Nothing is easier than being harmful once you’ve decided to be so. Humans could be easily hurt. A cruel word, a bad look, an angry face in the morning, all could disturb the good mood of another person, get them confused or even force them to hate the day.
I’m not exaggerating. Imagine if you wake up one day in a normal mood. Not that happy, not that sad. You go to work and there in your office comes your manager about to explode of anger cause of a simple mistake you’ve done. A mistake that can be easily corrected. He starts shouting, blaming and embarrassing you among your coworkers. And no matter how hard you’d try to explain that it’s fixable, you just feel that he needs YOU to help him cool the fire inside him, which his wife has started.
Other than making you feel really bad, you might as well do just like him and choose someone else around you to put all your anger on him/ her.
If you didn’t do so then your bad feelings will be added to other “older” bad feelings waiting for the right time to be expressed.
We can be easily hurt, this is true, and it’s a fact that shows we have hearts full of feelings. But what most of us forget is that others have hearts too. Maybe their hearts are more sensitive or maybe tougher, but still we all share one thing: hearts full of feelings. So we should respect their feelings and care for their hearts. There are 100s of ways to express anger positively.
1. Make a clear notice explaining what you found inappropriate, risky or considered as big mistake. Write an email or talk in personal, using a normal voice tone that is ;)
2. If you’re not in a position to judge or discuss for any reason. Or if you found that not talking is the best thing to do, try to put your anger in something useful: Write in your diary, talk to someone close, take a walk, get yourself busy in anything (work, surf the net, listen to music, read something, watch T.V…).
Bottom line is to keep your temper under control and to NEVER act unless you’ve cooled down. Why! To make sure you’ll be fair enough, wise enough, and never hurt anyone the way you were hurt.
If we all apply this strategy no matter what our position in society was, then we’d all be smiling peacefully on our way to work, home, school and any place where we could meet others.