Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Guess Who!

All the time we hear about their suffering and the misery they’ve encountered earlier. Libraries are full of books about the awful way they were burnt. And now they’re getting both financial and emotional support from countries that “caused them pain”. Countries that blame themselves for what happened to these “poor” people and thought they could help them stand up again and lead a happy “peaceful” life.
Unfortunately, those countries goals weren’t actually the same goals of the “poor” so called “minority” back then. They don’t seek happiness nor peace, or at least not in our terms. For it looks like happiness is possession to them. The more they have, the happier they become. As for peace, it is sure their first priority, as they are ready to do ANYTHING to secure THEIR homes and THEIR children, which by the way cannot be accomplished -as they see it- but with destroying others’ homes and killing others’ children…
They have “interesting” principles in their life, and God knows they follow them very well. Here are some:
- You’re allowed to do anything to fulfill your wishes and reach your goals. So one can kill innocent people, torture, deceive, betray the closest, sell dignity, hurt anyone, burn, pollute, lie, kidnap, fabricate…etc.
- You can change the truth if it’s against you and make it fit your own interests. For instance, you may make a child running from home to throw a stone in order to keep away danger from coming near his home, you may make him look like a victim forced by a terrible mother to go out to streets: either to get rid of his responsibility, or to make kind of propaganda and win people’s sympathy.
- We’re superior, our society is the best. So we’re the ones to rule and we have the right to act the way we want.
What keeps me wondering is two things. First is how do countries keep on supporting them when they’re misusing it in destroying others. Why can’t they stop this support. Do they agree with their policy, or are they afraid if they stop supporting them then they might become victims of their brutality. Or is it that they feel obliged to support them? If yes, then for what reason are they obliged?
Second thing confusing me is that we all know that after going through a bad experience there is one of two reactions that could appear in one’s self. One is to do exactly the same thing that a person went through to let others suffer. The other is to prevent this thing from ever happening again to avoid anyone experiencing it.
But what’s happening in real life is neither the first reaction nor the second. Because what they’re doing to others is worse than what happened to them. Even the books they wrote show that they’ve invented ways beyond imagination to completely destroy a whole society. And assuming their reaction was the first, there’s supposed to be a point they’d stop at as soon as they feed their hunger for revenge, if they don’t stop, and that’s what’s happening, then this is no longer a reaction to a certain action but it turned into an irresponsible act of a sick-minded party, so how do we allow psychos to rule, and how do we continue to support them?!
I guess there is no need to list their terrible activities against humans, animals and trees. It’s crystal clear and mentioned every now and then on all media resources.
And I also guess there is no need to mention who they are as you must all have guessed that already… if not then it’s ok, what matters is to know that such people do exist in our time!