Saturday, November 22, 2003

Eid Al Fitr Is Almost Here :)

All Muslims of the world are preparing for the Eid. Eid that will end the holy month of Ramadan to get back to our normal eating habbits.
Families are going out shopping with their kids buying new clothes, toys, sweets and anything they need and can afford. Everyone is awiting the minute they'll wake up on the calling for Eid prayers and hear the people pray all together with their voices thanking God for what he's giving them, showing appreciation to his blessings and expressing their love to the weak, poor and lonely.
I remember every Eid how I get to hear Dad's voice in the mosque calling for prayers and the voices of neighbors and friends all gathering to pray and exchange Eid greetings. After that they give all the people in need what they gathered the days before: meat, food, clothes that might be new or old, money and Eid sweets. Other than that they take a portion of what they gathered and send it to countries who are poorer and living bad condition because of war, a natural catastrophy or anything at all.
Then the elder members of the family men go visit the brothers, sisters, cousins daughters and sons and grandsons. So after the prayers dad would go in the early morning to relatives and our married sister and her family carrying sweets or flowers, then come back home where the whole home smells like fresh backed delicious Eid sweets (Ma'moul) which mom spent a whole week making with her own hands, stuffing some with walnuts, ones with pistache and flower extracts, others with dates, decorating each piece with tiny little things creating most beautiful shapes. YUMMY, I miss that. She'd spend long days working as she always makes so many because she know we loves them and one of us alone could finish 30 pieces in one day, yes yes , it's that tasty and it's that great. No one makes ones as good as she does. I really wish I could have my share this time :P
After coming back home we'd all gather in the sitting room exchange greetings and kisses, sit together and instead of having breakfast that is prepared to be eaten, we get a couple of bites and then attack the sweets, that are too light and way too tasty. Then the phone starts ringing from all over the world, friends, relatives and all. Even our christian friends call and visit and share us the great Eid Al Fitr.
When it's lunch time each family gathers, some choose to keep it only parents and kids, some invite more, some choose the first in a year and then choose the second for a change the year to follow. We eat home cooked meals, the whole house is decorated with candles, flowers and Eid cards. TV is most probably on suggesting great programs to watch and enjoy.
Then we all start visiting people with our parents, and that's how it goes: first day is for the closest, second the less close and the third for the less less close :P
It's great, and i miss it, as here in Tunisia it has another way to be done, which is nice as well. It's just that I miss my family and the way we celebrate in the Middle East. Oh and I miss Ma'moul, lool, had no time to make some, and even if i had, they wont turn out as great as mom's.
Tunisian Sweets are so Yummy too :) My husband and I have our own way of celebrating, we go both of us visiting relatives and friedns. Here in Tunisia men go visiting alone normally and women wait for the men to come and visit to recieve them, but because I have no one of my family to come and visit me as they don't live here, and because we love sharing things together, my great understanding husband chose to take me with him visiting... something I really appreciate of him. And i enjoy it this way, he does too, I guess :)

Happy Eid Al Fitr To All Muslims of the world, may it bring on blessed days, more love, happiness and great health....