Thursday, November 06, 2003

A Clap For Palestine & Jordan

Both Palestine and Jordan have shown a very successful performance in "Carthage Theatrical Days Festival" in Tunisia.
"Best Play" went to Palestine who deserved winning as their play was so beautiful from script to acting to music and everything.
As for Jordan, they got the "Best Actress Performance" which is so impressive.
Both gave a great impression about theatrical talents in their region. Their participation is considered a step forward in the future of theatre in both countries, and their success makes all of us proud.
Actually a lot of plays were really good, and they all deserve admiration. And what I really loved about "Carthage Theatrical Days Festival" is the fact that all Arab countries gather to join in it. Tunisia gives a great chance for all talents to show what they've got and participate, not only this, but it also gives the chance for those talents to reach a worldwide audience with the help of media coverage.
Congratulations on a job well done for all participants, wishing them a non-stop improvement.