Saturday, November 29, 2003

Simply Blown Away...

Yesterday I was shocked when I heard the news of the death of Thikra Mohamed (known as Zekra as well), a great Tunisian singer with a beautiful voice. I know that the fact someone is famous doesn't prevent that someone from death, but I was shocked for many reasons, one of them was her age as she died really young, but then again death doesnt select people according to their age, death reaches all at different ages and from different social levels.
Another things that caused my shock was her dying in the best stage of her life as a singer. Just when she has arrived to the top of her singing career death got her!
But what shocked me most was the way she was took away from life, she was KILLED, and even worse she was killed be her HUSBAND, not only this, but also the fact that he killed HER and HER MANAGER as well as HIS MANAGER and last but not least he killed HIMSELF!
Don't I have the right to be more than shocked.
Anyway all what was said about this after investigations was that the husband was drunk; had a fight with his wife while both his and her manager were there, shot them all, then shot himself!!
I've always hated such stories, I mean if he commited suicide and left others in peace it would be better, although I'm 100% against suicide, but still I can't tolerate the idea of someone choosing to end the life of someone else, whether close or far, whether they have their reasons or just being crazy, whether in war or in peace, I simply hate killing. One's life is created by God, and he is the only one who has the right to take it back when it's the right time, but for someone, who's created just like me and you, to come and simply decide to put an end to one's life, this is something I can't get!
And not only does killing destroy one's life but also the lives of all those related to him/ her, their families and everthing.
I hope people stop being insane and think as responsible beings with preacious brains carrying peaceful ideas to improve and help others, not to kill!
For more details about the crime check

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Innocent Independence

We had visitors the other day. One of their boys is around 13. And I must say that day was one of the best days of his life, simply because he felt independent. What made me wanna write about him was the term independence from teenagers' point of view, which reminded me of myself. How innocent they are in this age that by being home alone for a while makes them feel as independent grown ups.
Anyway back to my story, the parents were helping us hang some things on the wall in our home and the father needed a certain tool that was in the car. So he asked his boy to go and get it for him, and ofcourse e gave him the car keys.I cant forget the smile on his face as he went downstairs. Getting the lift, opening the car, looking for the tool and then locking the car doors again, getting the lift once more and finally reaching our home. All of this "responsibility" and "ALONE". One can tell from the look of his face that he was the happiest ever.
I remembered how happy I got when I was 7 or 8 and took care of my younger sister and brother for 15 minutes while my mother went out with my dad for an urgent thing. Or when my brother felt so grown up when he was left in dad'soffice while dad was in a meeting.
A lot of lovely situations that forces me to be happy everytime i remember them. That doesn't mean all teenagers feel independent in the same way though.
There are alot of them who wont feel indipendent unless they light a cigarette or drink a glass of wine or run away from home, steal or do anything wrong in our opinion but free and responsible in their opinion.
What I keep on praying for everday is that the new generation wont lose the innocence in them and that there will still be a day when those simple little situations might succeed in giving them the right feelings in the right time and the right way.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Eid Al Fitr Is Almost Here :)

All Muslims of the world are preparing for the Eid. Eid that will end the holy month of Ramadan to get back to our normal eating habbits.
Families are going out shopping with their kids buying new clothes, toys, sweets and anything they need and can afford. Everyone is awiting the minute they'll wake up on the calling for Eid prayers and hear the people pray all together with their voices thanking God for what he's giving them, showing appreciation to his blessings and expressing their love to the weak, poor and lonely.
I remember every Eid how I get to hear Dad's voice in the mosque calling for prayers and the voices of neighbors and friends all gathering to pray and exchange Eid greetings. After that they give all the people in need what they gathered the days before: meat, food, clothes that might be new or old, money and Eid sweets. Other than that they take a portion of what they gathered and send it to countries who are poorer and living bad condition because of war, a natural catastrophy or anything at all.
Then the elder members of the family men go visit the brothers, sisters, cousins daughters and sons and grandsons. So after the prayers dad would go in the early morning to relatives and our married sister and her family carrying sweets or flowers, then come back home where the whole home smells like fresh backed delicious Eid sweets (Ma'moul) which mom spent a whole week making with her own hands, stuffing some with walnuts, ones with pistache and flower extracts, others with dates, decorating each piece with tiny little things creating most beautiful shapes. YUMMY, I miss that. She'd spend long days working as she always makes so many because she know we loves them and one of us alone could finish 30 pieces in one day, yes yes , it's that tasty and it's that great. No one makes ones as good as she does. I really wish I could have my share this time :P
After coming back home we'd all gather in the sitting room exchange greetings and kisses, sit together and instead of having breakfast that is prepared to be eaten, we get a couple of bites and then attack the sweets, that are too light and way too tasty. Then the phone starts ringing from all over the world, friends, relatives and all. Even our christian friends call and visit and share us the great Eid Al Fitr.
When it's lunch time each family gathers, some choose to keep it only parents and kids, some invite more, some choose the first in a year and then choose the second for a change the year to follow. We eat home cooked meals, the whole house is decorated with candles, flowers and Eid cards. TV is most probably on suggesting great programs to watch and enjoy.
Then we all start visiting people with our parents, and that's how it goes: first day is for the closest, second the less close and the third for the less less close :P
It's great, and i miss it, as here in Tunisia it has another way to be done, which is nice as well. It's just that I miss my family and the way we celebrate in the Middle East. Oh and I miss Ma'moul, lool, had no time to make some, and even if i had, they wont turn out as great as mom's.
Tunisian Sweets are so Yummy too :) My husband and I have our own way of celebrating, we go both of us visiting relatives and friedns. Here in Tunisia men go visiting alone normally and women wait for the men to come and visit to recieve them, but because I have no one of my family to come and visit me as they don't live here, and because we love sharing things together, my great understanding husband chose to take me with him visiting... something I really appreciate of him. And i enjoy it this way, he does too, I guess :)

Happy Eid Al Fitr To All Muslims of the world, may it bring on blessed days, more love, happiness and great health....

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A Prison In Disguise!

I’ll just end my post with this last Israeli “creation”: THE PRISON. Yes it isn’t just a wall as everybody calls it. It’s meant to put Palestinians in a kind of prison. To isolate them, and cut food, water and energy. To steal their land while they’re watching. To take their belongings and to pull them back to the ancient decades of human life.
I remember when I studied the German history how proud, happy and pleased Germans were when the wall separating east and west Germany was destroyed. On the other hand I came across how miserable, hopeless and lost they were while it stood.
That wall separated families and broke a lot of hearts. The wall in Palestine is separating families and breaking hearts as well, but it’s built to pull them backwards, to make them surrender, to kill them slowly and to produce new illiterate generations full of fear and loneliness. Not to forget controlling their own water resources and land.
All I can say is building this wall is nothing but a sign of how strong Palestinians are. They’re too strong to be stopped by tanks, guns, bombs or false media, so the thought they need to be isolated to be controlled. What they don’t know till this moment is that their wall wont stop Palestinians. It will not make them give up. They will keep on struggling till they get their rights and get back their land.
Their land that was once like heaven on earth, and is nothing but wreckage because of war nowadays.
This prison will not weaken Palestinians, it will not let them down. It will show the world the real intentions of Israelis who claim they’re doing all this to protect their land… Israel. Which when looking at the maps of before wont be found, all what one could find is a peaceful word addressing a peaceful land called Palestine.
And a wall built to trap people will not frighten them and will not erase Palestine from anyone’s memory.
This prison will be the castle in which Palestinians will be united and prepared to stand up again.
Palestinians’ strong will, their determination, their devotion and their spirits are too high to hold back with a …wall!
God be with you all the way Palestine…

Guess Who!

All the time we hear about their suffering and the misery they’ve encountered earlier. Libraries are full of books about the awful way they were burnt. And now they’re getting both financial and emotional support from countries that “caused them pain”. Countries that blame themselves for what happened to these “poor” people and thought they could help them stand up again and lead a happy “peaceful” life.
Unfortunately, those countries goals weren’t actually the same goals of the “poor” so called “minority” back then. They don’t seek happiness nor peace, or at least not in our terms. For it looks like happiness is possession to them. The more they have, the happier they become. As for peace, it is sure their first priority, as they are ready to do ANYTHING to secure THEIR homes and THEIR children, which by the way cannot be accomplished -as they see it- but with destroying others’ homes and killing others’ children…
They have “interesting” principles in their life, and God knows they follow them very well. Here are some:
- You’re allowed to do anything to fulfill your wishes and reach your goals. So one can kill innocent people, torture, deceive, betray the closest, sell dignity, hurt anyone, burn, pollute, lie, kidnap, fabricate…etc.
- You can change the truth if it’s against you and make it fit your own interests. For instance, you may make a child running from home to throw a stone in order to keep away danger from coming near his home, you may make him look like a victim forced by a terrible mother to go out to streets: either to get rid of his responsibility, or to make kind of propaganda and win people’s sympathy.
- We’re superior, our society is the best. So we’re the ones to rule and we have the right to act the way we want.
What keeps me wondering is two things. First is how do countries keep on supporting them when they’re misusing it in destroying others. Why can’t they stop this support. Do they agree with their policy, or are they afraid if they stop supporting them then they might become victims of their brutality. Or is it that they feel obliged to support them? If yes, then for what reason are they obliged?
Second thing confusing me is that we all know that after going through a bad experience there is one of two reactions that could appear in one’s self. One is to do exactly the same thing that a person went through to let others suffer. The other is to prevent this thing from ever happening again to avoid anyone experiencing it.
But what’s happening in real life is neither the first reaction nor the second. Because what they’re doing to others is worse than what happened to them. Even the books they wrote show that they’ve invented ways beyond imagination to completely destroy a whole society. And assuming their reaction was the first, there’s supposed to be a point they’d stop at as soon as they feed their hunger for revenge, if they don’t stop, and that’s what’s happening, then this is no longer a reaction to a certain action but it turned into an irresponsible act of a sick-minded party, so how do we allow psychos to rule, and how do we continue to support them?!
I guess there is no need to list their terrible activities against humans, animals and trees. It’s crystal clear and mentioned every now and then on all media resources.
And I also guess there is no need to mention who they are as you must all have guessed that already… if not then it’s ok, what matters is to know that such people do exist in our time!

Happy ? Here You Go A Bad Day

Nothing is easier than being harmful once you’ve decided to be so. Humans could be easily hurt. A cruel word, a bad look, an angry face in the morning, all could disturb the good mood of another person, get them confused or even force them to hate the day.
I’m not exaggerating. Imagine if you wake up one day in a normal mood. Not that happy, not that sad. You go to work and there in your office comes your manager about to explode of anger cause of a simple mistake you’ve done. A mistake that can be easily corrected. He starts shouting, blaming and embarrassing you among your coworkers. And no matter how hard you’d try to explain that it’s fixable, you just feel that he needs YOU to help him cool the fire inside him, which his wife has started.
Other than making you feel really bad, you might as well do just like him and choose someone else around you to put all your anger on him/ her.
If you didn’t do so then your bad feelings will be added to other “older” bad feelings waiting for the right time to be expressed.
We can be easily hurt, this is true, and it’s a fact that shows we have hearts full of feelings. But what most of us forget is that others have hearts too. Maybe their hearts are more sensitive or maybe tougher, but still we all share one thing: hearts full of feelings. So we should respect their feelings and care for their hearts. There are 100s of ways to express anger positively.
1. Make a clear notice explaining what you found inappropriate, risky or considered as big mistake. Write an email or talk in personal, using a normal voice tone that is ;)
2. If you’re not in a position to judge or discuss for any reason. Or if you found that not talking is the best thing to do, try to put your anger in something useful: Write in your diary, talk to someone close, take a walk, get yourself busy in anything (work, surf the net, listen to music, read something, watch T.V…).
Bottom line is to keep your temper under control and to NEVER act unless you’ve cooled down. Why! To make sure you’ll be fair enough, wise enough, and never hurt anyone the way you were hurt.
If we all apply this strategy no matter what our position in society was, then we’d all be smiling peacefully on our way to work, home, school and any place where we could meet others.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

We're All EYES For You Iraq... Sorry

“People will continue to suffer and will continue to live in those bad conditions for 100s of years due to this war”.
I heard this on Radio in the news bulletin on my way to home. They were talking about IRAQ. Iraqis are already suffering from terrible life conditions. No drinking water available, they’re drinking polluted and dirty water. No healthy food, low life standards. More people are killed on daily basis, and that’s all because of three little letters:
W A R !!!
War that was “supposed” to “help” Iraqis and provide them with a “better” life.
War that aimed at giving them “Freedom”. War that wanted to put a “smile” on the face of every Iraqi child.
I guess war did exactly what it always does anytime and anywhere. Nothing but destruction, more ruins, more pollution, worse food… if any that is! Awful injuries, corruption, fear, instability, insecurity, chaos, more homeless people, and an endless list of both old and new diseases that will keep on torturing their victims for years and years to come, with no budget to afford medicine.

What makes me feel so “proud” is the fact that everyone is WATCHING… as usual! Most of us don’t even think of helping in any way possible. We forget, or better say WE CHOOSE TO FORGET that every member of every society no matter how old or young, no matter what they do in life, we can all do something even if it was so small or considered to be useless.
Other than “thoughts”, which seems to be the only good thing we can all offer in such situations, there are clothes, medicine, money, food… ANYTHING! They don’t need anyone watching in front of TV with 100s of Klenix next to them and going like: Oh look at the blood… God poor kid, he’s crying… Oh, they’ve cut the poor woman’s head in front of her children!! Ah, all that shooting, how can they sleep?! Hey sweetie turn around I don’t want you to watch those disgusting scenes and have nightmares afterwards… THEY DON’T NEED THIS!!
A single plaster might help ease the pain of a wounded person and make him tolerate his pain till it’s his turn to be checked by a doctor. A milk bottle could feed one or two little babies and save them from starving to death. Some seeds could give hope to farmers and help them produce food, trust me on that.
We can do anything. But we prefer being ignorant, for we’re safe; for we keep on forgetting that a simple help can make a difference, and because we keep on forgetting that there is nothing to guarantee our safety for a lifetime. We could become victims of war any minute in such a time when negative power is thought of as the solution for all our problems.
But that’s the way it is I guess. We’d only feel sorry for others, as long as we’re far away from danger.
Once we’re the ones in need, things suddenly change.
Iraq and Palestine before it, we watch them both burn in front of our own eyes. We sigh and might cry as well every time we watch some live broadcast of what’s happening over there, but the minute our favorite comedy series begins, it all blows away, our houses are filled with loud laughs, and we’re too busy with our huge invitations to think of the “poor people”. As if nothing has happened at all.
Just a quick reminder: first it was Palestine, then Afghanistan and now Iraq… Any idea who’s next?!

Bin Ich Glücklich Oder Was!

Es ist komisch wie das Leben uns bschäftigt auf einer Weise, die uns verhindert im Kontakt mit unserem Geliebten zu bleiben, oder in der richtigen Zeit sie zu treffen.
Das passiert die ganze Zeit mit mir. Wenn jemand mich braucht, bin ich immer wo anders in der Welt. Wenn meine Mutter mich in Jordanien braucht, bin ich in Tunesien, und wenn meine beste Freundin mich in Tunesien braucht, bin ich in Jordanien!
Jeden Tag finde ich vieeeeeeel Zeit, habe aber nichts wichtiges zu tun. ABER wenn Freunden mich anrufen, um an einem Tag zusammen raus zu gehen, entdecke ich, dass ich eine schwere Prüfung am selben Tag habe. Was für einen Zufall, huh!
Oder wenn ich frei an diesem Tag bin, und wir verabreden uns endlich, esse ich was ungesundes die vorherige Nacht und finde mich im Krankenhaus am nächsten Tag. Was für ein Glück!
Am schlimmsten war es das, was passierte, als ich meinen ersten Teilzeitjob in Jordanien bekommen habe.
Ich hatte einen Job als Computer-übersetzerin, d.h ich war für die übersetzung der englischen Softwares ins Deutsch verantwörtlich.
Damals konnte ich besser Deutsch sprechen :( .
Anyway, ich sollte meine Arbeit in zwei Hälfte teilen. Der erste sollte ich in zwei Wochen beenden, und der zweite sollte ich drei Wochen nach dem ersten befertigen.
Ich habe Tag und Nacht gearbeitet und habe viel Mühe gegeben, denn gleichzeitig sollte ich für meine Universitätprüfungen gut vorbereiten.
Nach zwei Wochen war ich krank im Bett und der Arzt hat mich gewarnt, mich nicht zu bewegen. Ich habe meine Prüfungen vermisst und auch meinen Arbeitstermin. Ich habe den Manager angerufen, und der hat micht NICHT geglaubt. Er dachte, ich lüge, weil ich –wie versprochen- meine Arbeit nicht beendet habe.
Aber er war “verständlich”, er hat mich zwei andere Tagen gegeben.
Zwei Tage spatter, habe ich ihm meine übersetzung gezeigt. Er war zufrieden. Unsere folgende Treffung sollte aber schneller sein :in zwei Wochen, und dann kriege ich mein Geld.
Ich habe alles mögliches gemacht, um meine Arbeit in zwei Wochen zu befertigen. Gott sei Dank, es hat geklappt. ABER auf den Weg zum Büro und nur 10 meter vor dem Büro habe ich ein SCHRECKLICHES Autounfall gehabt. Eine Frau, die wahrscheinlich schlafend ihr Auto gefahren hat, hat mein Auto geschlagen und mich mit Schmerzen überall gelassen.
Das Problem war, dass ich den Manager angerufen habe, um ihm zu erklären, warum ich noch nicht im Büro war. Er hat sich geärgert und hat wider mich geglaubt, noch akziptiert, durchs Fenster anzuschauen um mich, die Polizei und den ganzen Autounfall zu sehen.
Also blieb meine Arbeit bei mir Zuhause und natürlich bekam ich nicht ein einziges Pfennig für meine Arbeit…
Bis jetzt kann ich es nicht verstehen, wie das passiert hat!! Ich glaube dass, es nichts anders als Unglück war :P

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Fasting For Body And Soul

A lot of Muslims think that if they stop eating and drinking from the break of dawn till sunset then it means they're fasting the right way in the holy month of Ramadan. This is completely wrong, for fasting isn't only for the body. It is meant to be for our souls and minds as well.
Our minds should fast, they should stop thinking of any bad thoughts, destructive acts or negative manners. We should be clean inside-out. We mustn't curse or say bad words to each other, even if the other person doesn't hear us.
We must think of our poor neighbors and all those people in need. We should try our best to help them, if not with money then at least with sharing. Sharing meals, extra or old clothes. We should help them find a job or anything we could offer. A sweet word to cheer them up, a "good morning" from the heart, and even a kind smile makes a difference to them, and shows them that they're not totally forgotten.
Just like when you fast and stop eating for a period of time in Ramadan they feel that you share them a bit of their suffering and that all Muslims remember them.
What's so funny and yet sad at the same time is how most of the people create an unbelievable kind of chaos in the streets and start driving crazy when "Iftar" time comes (Iftar is the time of sunset when Muslims are to end their fasting). How they're in such a hurry and have angry faces and rush everything in a very weird way.
It's all because they don't want to be late one minute for food. They forget that the main reason God wants us to fast is to teach us patience and tolerance. To make us feel with the poor. And at the time tables stuffed with every kind of most delicious food are waiting for us, the time when our hunger will come to an end and our thirst will be finally quenched, they forget that the poor will still be starving and will continue to be thirsty.
The main point of fasting was never to be on yours nerves or fulfill your duties badly or maybe don't fulfill them at all. NO! Fasting was never meant to spend large quantities of money on shopping to serve most expensive food on your table. NO! Fasting was never the cause of uncontrolled temper and chaos. NO!
Fasting was and shall always be the way to unite all Muslims of the world, make them feel for each other, make them patient, and help them tolerate tiresome days and fulfill their jobs the best way they can. They should stop being materialistic and for once put money and food in the end of their "priority-list". If they're late for Iftar, never mind, at least they know that there is food awaiting them. When they're tired, it's ok, they know they can rest. If they face a problem, they know that having faith and never giving up will solve it for them.
So to all Muslims who believe fasting was meant for their bodies only, PLEASE be fair to fasting. When you're wrong, admit it's your fault and stop blaming it on Ramadan. Prove to yourself that you're free from materialism, and that your strong will can help you take your responsibilities the right way even if you were tired and hungry. You should be tough to survive, but yet you should be full of tender feelings towards your fellow humans.
Ramadan is a holy month in which our love to our humanity should grow stronger. The month in which our relationship with God should become real by fasting, praying and knowing more about our religion.
Ramadan is the reminder of some people, who are almost forgotten. Ramadan is tolerance, help, love, care, freedom and commitment…
Words that are crossed out of our dictionaries, where there is space only for materialism and interests… and where good manners no longer exist!

Isn't It Weird!

All these huge help organizations and international associations: one for Human Rights, the other for Women Rights, another one for Saving Children, one for the Poor, one for the Orphans, some for Protecting Animals, another to Prevent Pollution, and a lot more institutions we created to "give us a hand" survive the bad sides of life, and still we find homeless people, criminals, thieves, people with no rights, no justice, problems, misery, poverty and failure.
We created laws to be fair to each other and stop violence, but we're still suffering. We invented machines and electronics to help us cook, wash, and even brush our own teeth, but we're still busy and can't find enough time to enjoy our lives. We made up driving rules to stop the danger of accidents, but still hundreds die every day. We invented planes to shorten distance, but still it's not short enough. No matter what we do, nothing seems good enough for us to live in peace, problem-free without any member of the society suffering. Life is becoming harder and cruelty is out of control. We reached a point where we did everything possible to improve, but still there is nothing left for us to do to improve the improved systems we created.
All this made me wonder… isn't weird?!

A Clap For Palestine & Jordan

Both Palestine and Jordan have shown a very successful performance in "Carthage Theatrical Days Festival" in Tunisia.
"Best Play" went to Palestine who deserved winning as their play was so beautiful from script to acting to music and everything.
As for Jordan, they got the "Best Actress Performance" which is so impressive.
Both gave a great impression about theatrical talents in their region. Their participation is considered a step forward in the future of theatre in both countries, and their success makes all of us proud.
Actually a lot of plays were really good, and they all deserve admiration. And what I really loved about "Carthage Theatrical Days Festival" is the fact that all Arab countries gather to join in it. Tunisia gives a great chance for all talents to show what they've got and participate, not only this, but it also gives the chance for those talents to reach a worldwide audience with the help of media coverage.
Congratulations on a job well done for all participants, wishing them a non-stop improvement.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003


One of the things I really love about the Arabic language is that each Arabic name a person is called with has a beautiful meaning. There is no one who is called with a name without a meaning, something impressive. I mean it's really great to have a meaning for your name, something that is related to a special even your parents went through, or something precious to the one who called you. Having a meaning to your name adds a special touch and relates you to your being in a nice way. I find it a lot better than having a name without meaning.
Arabic names can mean name of flowers, like Warda, Yasmine, Zahra or Fulla; they could mean a good smell of flower, e.g. Areej or Abeer. There are names that mean the singing of birds, like Taghreed, or the voices of Pigeons like Hadeel. You find names that mean the name of a sword, e.g. Saif, Mohannad or Hosam; or ones that are the synonyms of one of the names a lion is called with (since in Arabic you can find more than one word to address one thing with the same meaning), for example: Laith, or Dorgham. An Arabic name can mean a diamond, e.g. Masa; or a pearl, e.g. Lolwa or Dana; or a planet, like Qamar, Shams or Kawkab,; or even a star like Najma. There are names that mean a high level like Sana'a or Ola. You can find names that express a certain feeling such as Sahar, Gharam or Hayam. There are ones that show appreciation like Shokran, Rida or Irfan, ambition like Monia, Amani, Ahlam and many other beautiful characteristics like Jamal, Lutfi, Karam, Joud or Baha'a. Some name express light like Nour or Diya'a.
Other than that there are people who are named after prophets' names such as Mohammad: means the praised, Mustafa: means the selected, Ahmad: means I thank. There are the names of countries like Falasteen (Palestine) or Sorya (Syria), and there are the names of continents like Asia.
Some names are actually the names of months, such as Ramadan, Sha'aban or Rajab. Or even names of days like Khamees or Joma'a. One other interesting thing about names in Arabic is the fact that there are 99 names for God. Each name has its own meaning that expresses a certain characteristic of God. Like Al Salam (peace), Al Rahman and Al Raheem (merciful), Al Mo'oti ( he who gives), Al Mohyi (he who gives life), Al Kareem (the generous), Al Mo'een (he who helps), Al Nour (the light).
By the way, there are names found like Kareem, Mo'een or Nour, that are without the "Al" which equals "the" in English, only few names can be used as names for people without using the "Al", for the "Al" is only used for addressing names of God.

Some names are considered old, some are somehow modern, but it's sad to see a lot of Arabs start to give up their great meaningful names and use ones that come from other cultures and other languages, believing it'd be cooler that way.
My name for example is Eman which means faith. It's used a lot, not a unique name, but I'm still proud of it :)

I find this topic a very interesting one, and I can't get enough of researching the meanings of names in Arabic. But I'll stop here I guess…

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Have Faith

I got a beautiful Fwd from my little sister that says:
whenever you've got a problem, don't you ever say: "God, I've got a problem", but say: "Problem, I've got a God!".
Actually this is one of the lovliest Fwds I've ever got, simply because it reminds you of the power of faith, once you've got faith, God will never let you down no matter what.
Believing in God and having faith in him doesn't mean relying completly on his help, and it doesn't mean being dependent of some kind of miracle that he might send us. No, it only means being strong, asking for your rights, struggling for a great life, believing in yourself and what you're capable of. Have faith in yourself, and never lose hope. Never forget that you can make your dreams come true if you work hard enough for that purpose. And most important is to always remember : God is always there to help you survive, help you handle your responsibilities the best way possible and reach any goal you have in mind. You don't need supernatural powers; you don't need a fortune; and you don't need violence to succeed in your life. All you have to do is believe in God and yourself...all you need is a beautiful word called "FAITH".