Wednesday, October 08, 2003


This is a blog I really admire and respect. It discusses a lot of interesting topics and shares meaningful ideas and news. I personally think it's one of the most enjoyable and successful blogs. Keep up the good work and good luck MMM :)
What was written about "Bridges TV" is something I'd love to talk about in this blog.
Life and the way people live it is experiencing a non-stop-change, therefore things are getting out of control so easily, because it has become hard to tell what's right and what's wrong! To so many people "right" is that what brings them money, fame, easy life and pleasure no matter what the way they have to follow. And of course each has their own definition of what's right, and that results in creating so many different ways for them to follow. And over time generations have lost the real right way and started following what already exists or creating their own new "right" ways as well. Conclusion: generations are way off track and are suffering in their lives, for wrong never brings happiness.
Now fortunately there are families who care for their children's future, and don’t want them to suffer, they just want them to be able to distinguish between true and false, give effort raising them correctly and help them be strong enough to walk their own right way. And this can never happen when children grow up in an environment that lacks the potential to accomplish this, the families alone can’t do it, they need to create a balanced environment so the children will be aware of their religion and tradition. In the case of American Muslims, I find it so normal for them to think of "Bridges TV", it will give the children a more balanced environment and will assist the parents in protecting their children from the danger of watching inappropriate programs that conclude violence or sexuality for example. I'm not saying the children should be kept away of knowing that such things exist, but timing is so important, and to make sure kids are aware of everything in the right time, the parents should be selective, and this is not possible when all channels see it ok to have cigarette ads provoking the audience to taste challenge, or movies with only blood and kicks in it. It's true that parents could select the channel, or get their kids to sleep while watching a certain movie, but what happens if the parents want to spend a night late with their kids in the weekend, should they simply turn off TV, or should they watch cartoon videos with their kids every time?
And assuming parents have no problems "getting rid of their kids while watching movies", would they be able to prevent their kids from watching naked women in ads popping every once in a while, in the same time they're trying to teach them the position of women in the community and that a woman is not just a beautiful creature but still a respectful mind and a loving soul?! There should be a very strong base on which kids should be brought up, once that is accomplished, there should be less worries about the new generations. And to achieve a strong base a child should be surrounded with a selective family, and there could be neither a trustful selection with nowadays programs, nor a family unity if all the members can't simply gather in all times around their TV at home fearing some inappropriate thing might be shown…
Anyone can easily notice that children are losing their innocence and becoming so similar to adults in thinking and behaving. A lot of parents are proud of that, forgetting that childhood should take its time and enjoy its peaceful simplicity, and that this childhood will become more mature and responsible in the right time.
I'm 100% with Bridges TV, and even 1000% with RECONSIDERING what must be shown on TV channels all around the world.