Friday, October 24, 2003


For two days, and God only knows till when we'll continue to suffer, those tiny little "vampires" called mosquitoes are enjoying their full board stay in people's houses, getting their free refill of fresh human blood ALL THE TIME!!!
Our home, just like all other homes in Tunisia nowadays, are full of those annoying insects, and it's all due to the big quantity of rain water that filled the streets, houses and farms leaving behind them "lakes" of still water. For this reason mosquitoes became more than anyone can tolerate, and I'll let your creative imagination picture what could happen when every room in your home is overcrowded with such insects.
Other than the fact that they suck your blood with no mercy leaving itching spots all over your body, and other than their stupid noise and their disgusting view on walls, there is a very dangerous possibility of spreading disease and even creating new diseases.
I don't know what to do! The night before last night we couldn't sleep at all, we were hiding in our OWN HOME under bed covers to protect ourselves of those monsters, we couldn't kill them as we ran out of all insecticides. We had a TERRIBLE night :( Next day I suffered, but thank God we got an electric anti mosquito thing that killed most but not all of them, at least we had a good night sleep. But then again the story repeats itself in the morning, when they have their batteries recharged and are more active than the day before. The problem is that they seem to have a very good appetite, and I'm the victim :( I don't think there is any blood left in me, anyway, enough is enough, so I decided to announce the start of my war on mosquitoes. I closed all windows, used all sprays available, used the electric insecticide, result was: I got dizzy and the dear mosquitoes were still flying around so healthy, so happy looking at me as a delicious meal waiting for them to come and eat.
I thought of doing what my brother used to do when there were many mosquitoes in the house, he used to "clean them away" with the Hoover, so I started pointing the Hoover on them one by one, but they were brave enough to ATTACK me in return, till I was really fed up and started running after them in the house... after I made sure there was no one left safe, I used this feature I love so much in our Hoover: you press a little cute button, the temperature in the dirt bag rises to 80 degrees boiling the insects to death. I pressed the button revengefully and enjoyed the thought of them being killed, I had this feeling of triumph, no I'm not sick, but if you were in my place and suffered like me you'd even celebrate killing them, those stupid things.
Anyways, after having them killed, and exactly when I was placing the Hoover where it belongs, with a SMILE on my face, my hand started itching!! AND something near my ear went like: izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, I turned around to see two disgusting wings of a horrible mosquito :(… what can I say other than: I HATE MOSQUITOES, I HATE THEM, I REALLY HATE THEM…