Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Ramadan Kareem

A great Arabic saying that means the holy month of Ramadan is generous. This is the right adjective to describe Ramadan, for it is generous in all ways.
First of all as you fast your meals are cut into two, one "Iftar", and the second is "Sohour", which means you're cutting expenses ;) On the other hand in both meals you eat less than what you are used to eating in other months. So you find that the food that you are used to eat for lunch for example is in Ramadan enough for you an a second person. When you invite people and you cook as it's a normal day out of Ramadan, you'll find that half the food remained untouched on the table. So your food budget decreases. Why's that because when you aren't eating for around half a day and then you wanna eat when it's the time for Iftar, your stomach doesn't accept food so easily, it takes in only the basic needs, so you find yourself "full" so soon.
Other than that, Ramadan is generous because in it you share the poor people their daily life, a life with no food and drink, so you feel with them and you find yourself sharing them your food, you go on giving them food, money, clothes and stuff that they need, and this is generosity.
And above all that, in Ramadan people feel like praying more and they have this spirit of Islam, because they share all the poor people around the world their suffering, so God doubles our bless, Ramadan is generous with rewards for good people.
And last but not least, the yummy food offered specially in Ramadan, which reminds me of this sweet that is made in the Middle East and isn't available here unfortunately, it's Qatayif, I MISS IT :( There is a number of other tasty sweets but Qatayif is the one I miss most. Of course part of Ramadan's generosity is the offers and low prices of good in all stores and shops, hmm, this is really nice.
Not to forget the TV channels challenging each other to offer the best shows, programs and movies, all that is generous for us as people, isn't it!
In short Ramadan's bless surrounds us and its generosity is in each and every way. I just wished it's be more generous and gather me with my family which I already miss and will miss even more in Ramadan, because with my Family everything has a different taste. Our home is decorated with Ramadan lamps, lanterns, table covers, serving papers, lights and even the key medals have Ramadan signs on them…
This year it's expected to be on either the 26th or the 27th of October, so Happy Ramadan to all Muslims of the world and Ramadan Kareem to all of you, and for you smokers and coffee addicts, hold on tight ;)
Guess I got excited… can't wait for Ramadan to BEGIN :))