Friday, October 10, 2003


I am one of the people interested in Macrobiotics and I'm always curious to know more about it. A lot of people misunderstand it as being a way of eating, but it's not only that but also a way of life.
And although I don't agree completely with every detail they ask people to do, one of which is cutting meat as much as possible (because I believe that there should be some certain amounts of meat in our food to provide us with essential amino acids and some proteins that can't be provided but from meat, other than that our bodies need a certain percentage of animal cholesterol. But still we should be careful not to depend on meat entirely nor to eat a lot of meat portions) but all in all I like Macrobiotics. It supports the balance of nature and help us gain our health depending on achieving the balance between the Yin & Yang in our food, as well as our inner peace with our souls. Besides food balance, Macrobiotics includes meditating, moving, color-therapies and massage.
I read a lot of books of a great doctor called Dr. Yousef Al Bader and I must say that all the ones who read that book loved it so much. In those books you can find the relationship between food and diseases, how to heal them and how to protect yourslef from them; The relationship between food and the potential to become criminals; Macrobiotics for a happy life... etc.All books are in Arabic.
Another great Macrobiotic advisor is Mariam Nour, I read two books written by her: a cup of power; Macrobiotics! And they are both in Arabic too.
If you're interested in Macrobiotics or want to have a general idea about it, or if have any health problem and you're seeking its solution you could go to:
(Available in Arabic only)

(Available in both Arabic and English)