Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Human Superiority

A human being is so precious, a brain is what makes that being different, so everyone knows that a human being is a superior creature. This is what we all believe, and this is what we all teach our younger generations to make them believe in it too. But the sad fact is, although humans are so special and precious, they lose all their superiority in one of three cases: getting crazy, being the victim of death... or the victim of a blind so called human, with a sleeping conscious and no mercy.

No Brain = No Superiority
In the first case a human being loses the sense of recognition of what's right and wrong, he behaves worse than kids and unfortunately in some critical cases a crazy person might behave as an animal in the way he eats, drinks, walks and many other ways. And it's sad to know that most of the cases in which a person totally loses it are not recoverable, and even moresad is the fact that most of the reasons that result in madness are out of our hands, such as madness that occurs due to a very strong emotional shock. It means that this superior creature can no longer keep its position on the top of the "superiority list" once he has totally lost it. But still there is a way to cure madness in some cases, maybe not totally but at least improve the situation. What we can all do is be strong enough to stand the cruelty of life and protect our selves from any unexpected shocks.

Death Steals Superiority Away…
As for death, yes I do believe that a human loses superiority when he's dead or when he's the tool that brought death to someone. Specially when death is because of a car accident!! Like yesterday I saw a person covered in the middle of the highway, I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman, and I couldn't guess the age, but what I can surely tell that the accident was awful. There was blood all around the body, and the glass of the car that hit that person was all broken, with its driver standing shocked with a hopeless and terrified face surrounded by at least 4 police officers investigating him… and the dead body was lying there allowing all curious eyes to stare, giving all "caring" people the chance to sigh, maybe cry, or give some sad comments, or even "blame" the dead body for crossing such a street; at the very same time that the same people will give the driver a blaming look for his "carelessness". No matter how hard the driver will try to convince the cops that it wasn’t his fault, he wont get but hand coughs, a destroyed future and a life like hell for him and his family.
Even if the truth -of whose fault it was- remained unknown, one truth stays crystal clear, the truth that both lost their lives: one has literally lost it, he wont be breathing again, his family might be considered homeless since his death, and he might be cursed by people for not being "awake" while crossing, and last but not least, he will be nothing but guilty to the family of the driver. The driver who lost his life as well, as he's gonna spend the rest of his life in jail, maybe he gets a good lawyer, or maybe there were a couple of witnesses who saw the whole thing, then he will spend only half of the rest of his life in jail. His family may become homeless too, he might lose his career, and more than that, he wont be able to get the picture of the dead person out of his head, yet if he did, then he will always feel guilty towards that person's family, and if he was finally free of the guilt feeling, then the family of the dead will never forgive him and he will always be guilty for as long as he lives…
Both were victims, each lost in a certain way, and each lost their superiority. The minute the dead body was lying just like any rock in the street, the minute everyone was automatically pointing at the "criminal" driver, the minute all people passing by were able to look at that "thing" just to "know" what actually happened and just to feel sorry for both people, the minute everything took place, people were done watching and finally decided to get back to their lives leaving 2 dead people behind, letting their families suffer alone, that minute was the abortion minute of the superiority of both people.
And no matter what a developed law any country might follow or create, results remain the same: one soul took off life…one soul is not able to land again!

Superiority? It's only theirs …
What's happening today in Palestine, Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya, and the terrible things taking place in Guantanamo are anything but respecting the superiority of mankind. Aggressiveness, cruelty, disrespect, hatred, complexity, rudeness… I don't know how can I put into words the ugliness of what's happening there on DAILY BASES!!! It is totally uncivilized and out of order.
People being killed, kidnapped, tortured, raped and treated worse than animals, why's that, is that the way to teach people a lesson of justice and to protect the world from corruption?? Or is it that people who ask for their rights are becoming scary these days and are causing you fear even when they're locked in "cages", yes cages, not jails, jail is the place for a person who made a mistake and is put there to be taught a lesson, just by keeping him in a closed place with some hard activities. But what's going on in those countries is something else. They're treated like animals and put in cages, they don't do anything but having to surrender the torture, torture that aims at having them say what they are supposed to say, not the truth, as the truth proves they did nothing wrong!
Homes are turned into big cages that are waiting to be burned one way or the other. Their rights are stolen , they're kids are being killed in front of their eyes, their trees are burned, and their neighbors are locked with them in those disgusting cages.
It's all because of some people with no conscious who want to either take a place or be a hero or simply enjoy blood, such sick people who command some other blind people, who follow the orders killing their screaming conscious that calls for justice, both have no mercy, and both enjoy being what they are…
I wonder if they EVER thought of being in those innocent people's shoes! If they or anyone they love was being tortured, killed or kidnapped the way they are torturing others! What if they were the ones locked in cages having not a single human right to practice!
But they never ask themselves those questions, because they know it's too horrible they can't even stand the thought of being in those poor people's place! Or maybe they don’t ask themselves those questions because they believe that they will stay strong forever, but they should open their eyes and reconsider, they should stop thinking they're superior, for superiority isn't power. Superiority is believing in the equality of all people, and when there is anything wrong taking place, then there are many ways to correct it, one recommended way to solve problems of mankind is CIVILIZATION and RESPECT for HUMANITY! And even if to them power was the synonym to superiority they should know that NOTHING STAYS AS IT IS!
The ones they're locking now, may be the very same ones that will lock them tomorrow…