Thursday, October 09, 2003


A lot of you reading this post might be offended one way or the other, and some might as well believe that I'm an unfair person, I hope you wont misjudge me, but I feel we all need a moment of thinking really good about what's going on around us these days to know how to make things right and get our universe back to normal.
Long years ago when I was a little girl, I knew from the very start that there must be 2 different kinds of a thing for life to continue. There has to be a mom and a dad for us to come to the world, there has to be a male and a female cat for us to see more kittens and even plants, there has to be two different genders for us to see flowers and eat fruits and vegetables. I realized that humankind will never survive if there was no unity of the two opposite kinds. And then I went to school, and day by day my belief got stronger. In science we learned that two similar magnet ends can never get attracted to each other, and we learned that for our alarm clocks to work, we have to place 2 batteries letting the opposite ends meet for them to be able to generate power. Things were going so nice, I understood everything concerning life, but all at a sudden, when I became older I started hearing about homosexuals. I read articles about stars and famous people turning to be homosexual. I saw the negative reaction of the community towards homosexuality, but I also saw homosexuals marching for people to "leave them in peace", and to "give them their rights"…
So communities started feeling "sorry" for them, and decided to let them live their life the way they want. No interfering, no preaching and no standing in their way. So you found in schools girls who were like: oh poor thing, she's lesbian why don’t we be friends with her, or boys going like: isn’t he pathetic? Come on let us be his friends, that's the least we can do.
And after a while homosexuals started asking for more, they want to have official marriage ceremonies and want people to support them in any way. So they have their own sites on the internet now, they have their own e-cards, they have their own movie channels and porn satellite channels and websites, they have their own greeting cards in shopping malls, they have their own pubs and discotheques. You can even find movies about homosexuals, and others that have a little part of a homosexual, till it became so "stylish" for someone to be friends with a homosexual. Homosexuals were considered a REJECTED phenomena, then they became just a WEIRD one and now they are looked at as COOL and it's even encouraged by us.
And that explains why the percentage of homosexuals is always increasing. There was a time when homosexuals were pointed out in each country so easily, but now you can hardly tell how many they are and who they are. Parents are afraid to leave their kids with the homosexual doctor. Some avoid having relationships with homosexuals so that their children wont turn to be like them.
A guy is afraid that the girl next door, who he likes so much and wants to ask for a date, he's afraid she'd turn out to be homosexual. And a lady who is doing her best to get the attention of her coworker has doubts he might be homosexual. A mother who is noticing that her girl is behaving like the opposite sex and having no guy to like up till now, is starting to believe her girl is homosexual. A father who has just met the teacher of his son, is so worried now because the teacher seemed to look homosexual. A girl does not want her best friend to turn to be homosexual because if that's the case then that best friend is not being a best friend but is deeply in love with her and is acting accordingly, and then their friendship will fade away. A woman who is experiencing change in her husband and can't tell if their relationship is in danger because of another woman or a man. A young man, whose parents are divorced and who's seeing his mom constantly with another woman, is not that sure whether she's just a good friend helping her get over her loneliness or if she's her lover!
For God's sake, where are we living??? Is this normal when people can't tell where the truth is?
This is all NOTHING compared to the last homosexual-modern trend: adopting!!
You can see 2 women kissing in the street with a little pretty girl standing in between… their "daughter". Or two men walking side by side holding each other with one of them carrying a little innocent baby. I wonder who'd be called mom and who'd be dad? Or would they both be dad? What happens when the kid grows up and asks? Where is mom? What would they answer: sorry honey, you're adopted and we're homosexual!! Wouldn’t the kid be curious to know more about homosexuality? Wouldn't the kid be used to seeing 2 men/ women kissing each other and having a love affaire? Wouldn’t he be ready to be homosexual? Yes, he will be ready, yet he might become one or there might be a miracle to save him. Do you out there realize what that means!!! It means the number of families will decrease and there might be a time when our race will be in danger and a time when it might not exist. Don’t think I'm exaggerating, I know human beings are just TOO MANY, but look forward, now homosexuals , although they became a lot, but they're still less than non-homosexuals. But what makes us sure that there will not be a day when homosexuals will be more than non-homosexuals?! No guarantee.
I don’t blame babies who have been raised by homosexuals if they became like them, it's not their fault. It's the fault of the authorities who gave them the right to have that innocent child. But I sure blame our generation and the generations before, I blame the ones who felt sorry for homosexuals, instead of looking for the reasons why they become ones and fix the problem, I blame this time when any girl losing hope in getting a boyfriend or a husband would turn to her kind and try being a homosexual. I blame the guy who turn gay just because he went through so many relationships with girls and none of them worked out, so it was a sign for him that he is gay and therefore he should look for a boyfriend and not a girl friend.
I blame the parents who are busy looking for their own pleasure, not being there for their children. The parents who see it normal for them to betray their spouse, the parents who are ok with watching pro-homosexual movies. I blame the community for not fixing itself and sticking to its good old virtues, none of this would happen if our lifestyles were right and full of good morals.
Why do someone we know, who had normal and healthy relationships with the opposite sex , decides to become homosexual all at a sudden? That means that homosexuality isn’t something born with us, it is created because of reasons, those reasons are ones that we as communities gave. How? When love affairs and relationships are so easy between any 2 people of the opposite sexes, in other words, when any guy could simply practice a marital relationship without getting married, just meet a girl, know her for a while, and then act as if she was his own wife, live together, do everything together so easily in the name of love. And when it's so easy for anyone to have a sexual relationship with anyone of the opposite sex, no one blaming them, no one standing in their ways, and everyone making them feel they're not doing anything wrong, what happens?? When that happens people lose interest in those easy-to-get relationships and start looking for hard-to-get ones, another interpretation is that when a person does something for the sake of trying and no one says it's wrong and even encourage them to go on, then why not! And I'm saying this because we are all born as balanced beings, and our environment, our problems, and our surroundings effect us, so homosexuals, no matter how hard people try to believe that there are scientific reasons for them to be so, homosexuals build themselves in their own hands, either by turning homosexual at a sudden for the sake of trying, or to create a new trend, or to imitate, or to escape the failure in normal relationships. The first homosexual occurred for one of those reasons, and why do I say they build themselves in their own hands? Because surrendering to the difficult circumstances, and trying to escape the failure through turning homosexual is nothing but weakness and failure itself. We must try once and twice, we must stand up every time we fall, and in the end we'll find our sweet hearts who complete us, who will help life continue, who will help us have kids of our own, healthy thinking kids and have healthy balanced families.
All religions believe in the completion of both genders, and they all are against breaking the rules of nature and being against the power of reproduction. Even the ones who have no religion know that there should be some sort of union and joining between 2 opposite genders for them to survive.
Homosexuality is an expression to address only humans. Humans who happen to have something so precious that no other living creatures have: a thinking BRAIN. And although we have it, our race is the only one to always invent new ways of cheap pleasure because of boredom, low self-esteem, weak beliefs, and unbalanced personalities. I thank God that homosexuality concerns only mankind, because there will be no food to consume if plants and animals started to be "homosexual". There will be a time when there will be no more humans on earth if we continue to encourage homosexuals. Shame on you humans, stop clapping for the wrong… Every mother and every father should give more time to their children and explain what's right from what's wrong. If your kid is friends with homosexuals don't encourage this friendship and always explain your reasons why you prefer avoiding a strong relationship with them. If your own friends turn homosexuals ask them why, talk to them and try to get them back to their senses. Humans are made for the civilization of this planet, could the brain that made our kind reach the moon and use the air to transport, could it be the very same brain that surrenders to a sick relationship that has no good in it but some disgusting pleasure?! Is that possible? I can't even call it an animal instinct because animals proved they're way more civilized in their relationships than humans. Some would claim that the sexual satisfaction is not what they seek in such relationships, then what ? Oh, love? Trust? Just being happy around those people? They understand you? Well that's no excuse for an unbalanced and weird and dangerous sexual relationship, you could only be friends, good friends and be there for each other, and if you love each other you should care about each other's future and you should worry about your health and dreams, the dreams that are implanted in us because of hope, hope which is in us to continue our journey in life, life that is given to us to prove ourselves and improve our surrounding and build healthy homes full of our own members, ones who think as right as we do, ones who act as good as we do or even better, and ones who will care about their own members and homes when it's their turn…
Wake up homosexuals, there is nothing to be proud of, look further and save yourselves, it's not that late...