Monday, October 13, 2003

Environmental Issues

Caring for the environment started out as a hobby, then with the increasing environmental problems and the loss of some huge green masses it became a matter of concern, and now I believe it became a MUST. It is our duty now to put an end to the dangerous human acts towards the environment and to try to fix the problems we already caused. Enough messing with nature, and enough ruining our surroundings.
A lot of countries were aware of the critical situation our environment is experience, and now many developing countries joined the club. They started working on that seriously, and I thought that some of the environmental activities in those countries are impressive and worth talking about. So here you go some info that would help spread environmental awareness …

The Global Environment Facility/ Small Grants Program (GEF/ SGP):

"Protecting Global Environment Through Community Action"
This program was launched in 1992 to assist developing countries urge their communities to play a role in the protection of global environment in relation to four focal areas: biodiversity, climate change, international waters and ozone layer depletion, as well as land degradation, desertification and deforestation.
The program is based on the belief that global environmental problems can only be addressed adequately if local people are involved, and that with small amounts of funding, local communities can undertake activities which will make a significant difference in their lives and their environment.
The GEF/ SGP is administered by the UNDP, and is currently offered in over 50 countries. It has promoted awareness regarding global environmental concerns; built capacities of communities and NGOs to address those concerns, and provided a mechanism for demonstrating community solutions of global environmental problems.

More information about the GEF/ SGP are available at:
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Recycling Coalition:

The (RC) was launched in 1998 among: Jordan Environment Society (JES); Arab Women Organization (AWO); and The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). The (RC) was supported by the (GEF/SGP).
The Recycling Coalition undertakes activities that involve people in the collection and separation processes of recyclable and production of eco-products. Other than that (RC) spreads awareness through media in addition to direct contact by lectures and workshops. Not to forget the training it offers through workshops and study visits.
The (RC) collects: paper, plastic, and metals. It encourages schools, NGOs, and different enterprises to collect the recyclables and it provides them with the needed containers. On the other hand the (RC) hires workers to separate and sort recyclables at special separation centers. As for the different recycled products, they are produced and also marketed by the (RC).
Wanna know more? Contact the Recycling Project Director from the Jordan Environment Society:

More information about the Recycling Coalition can be provided by the following:
Arab Women Organization

Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature