Friday, October 10, 2003

Egyptian Movies

The Egyptian moviemakers as well as the Egyptian actors and actresses are doing pretty good recently, that's of course my own opinion. I believe that Egyptian movies have been always great in the past and up till now, with the exception of some which failed for one reason or the other. But it's so sad that the new generation of actors are facing negative criticizing since their occurrence despite their success. The criticizing comes from some actors and moviemakers who belong to old generations as well as the audience itself. Specially the comedy "Al Limbi". I watched it 3 times and each time I watched it I laughed as if it was the first time, and I'm ready to watch it over and over again. I loved it.
An actor should be criticized that way only when he proves that all his movies are empty and have no message to convey to the audience. The star of this movie (Mohammad Sa'ad) still didn't take his full chance, I personally saw him only in "Al Limbi" and a secondary role in "Al Nather Salah Al Deen". On the other hand "Al Limbi" reflected a certain layer of the Egyptian community in a most enjoyable and honest way, actors were great and it was truly funny. I didn't find it ridiculous nor empty. More than that, we need movies to make us laugh our heads off, and they're hard to find these days.
There are some other successful movies that were impressive such as: "Mafia" where you can easily notice the improvement in directing, producing and special effects, "Al Sellam wa Al Thi'iban", "Saheb Sahboh", "Al Nather Salah Al Deen", and "Shareet Thaqafi".
Keep up the good work Egypt ;)