Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The Cell

I don't know what is going on with movie directors and script writers, but I sense the tendency to having hard to imagine ideas they're coming up with, some I consider sick. We do enjoy watching horror, or a new way of presenting drama and science fiction, and we do feel sorry for heroes who suffered in their childhood and have gotten some sort of a complex, but to put all this in a disgusting way is what I personally will never enjoy.
What was shown in the movie "The Cell" was a good story and some really nice thoughts expressed in a very disgusting way.
I hated the parts in which the "criminal-victim" was soaking the dead bodies in a bleacher and how he hung himself in the sealing through his back, YUCK, that was so annoying.
And I saw the making of the movie, and unfortunately all the ones who participated in making it were so proud for the new ugly idea, when I see nothing but a very sick way of putting the ideas and thoughts together!! I think it was terrible, and those who didn't yet watch it, lucky them!
I must say that I have nothing against anyone who was a member of making the movie or who played in it, but I certainly am against the negative weird ideas when we can create another kind of positive stunning ideas that could still be weird!