Thursday, October 16, 2003

Between Believers and Nonbelievers: Is There A God?

I have come across a lot of nonbelievers who are convinced that there is nothing called God, and that everything in this life has occurred because of a certain scientific reason. So nature with all what it includes of plants, wind, water, animals and humans, they're all there because of certain equations. Which is true, we all learned that and we all believe in it, there has to be H2 + O to have water for example, but when I asked them how did we have those H2 and O, they answered: well there must have been some sort of another equation that created such elements. I asked, and how those basic elements of the other equation were provided, they said: it's the circulation of nature.
Keeping up with such interpretations I asked what they believe their purpose in this world is, why are we all created with everything around us, there should be a reason. I got no answers, and when I got a couple they were so uncertain, they went like: maybe just to take care of earth and protect our kind… "and then die?! why then" I asked, "I guess the reason is not yet figured" they replied, and some claimed that their life will end but they will come back to life as another creatures born, so their souls leave their bodies that die and are new born as other creatures like plants or animals or humans again. But why, they didn't give an explanation.
I've always wondered, why are we really here, and I know now that we're there because of God who created everything around us with his great powers. He created us and gave us this planet and the skies and the whole stars and other planets in the galaxy to care for, to improve, to make a civilization for the generations to follow so that they'd do the same as we did and create new ways to improve more and to make life better for all creatures. We were created so that we'd see life with its good and evil and live it the way we choose. Our choices are the ones that determine whether we passed or failed this test period called life. For life is just a temporary stage, each has duties and parts to play; each has responsibilities to be in charge of; and each has their wishes to fulfill. Things we choose how to make and how to do, so that when our time is up all that is left is nothing but our deeds. If what we did was good then we passed the test and we'll be rewarded, if not we'll be punished because we were mature enough to make those choices on our own.
All people believe in invisible things, like love and hatred for example, even the ones who deny believing in them, you find them happy with some people and so annoyed being around some others. Even if you don't think something invisible exists, there has to be a time when you feel that thing one way or the other. And we can all feel God's powers around us, but a lot of us choose not to believe in him.
Here is a conversation between a nonbeliever father and his 5 years old son, while they're watching the news, it might help clear the picture a bit.

Son: Wow, how can we know how the weather's gonna be dad?
Dad: By using our brains son. We were able to invent a lot of things that can help us predict weather conditions, earthquakes and many other things. we're not always correct but mostly that we are.
Son: Where did we get that brain?
Dad: Hmmm. Well it comes as a package with our whole body when we're born.
Son: Animals have brains right? but they can't make cars or drive anything at all. And they don’t go to school, they don’t know math's. How come our brains are better?
Dad: Ahhh, hmmm. Oh, it's because we are developed creatures son.
Son: Developed?!! All of us?
Dad: Sure, no doubt in that (with a proud smile on his face)
Son: then why does mom feel sorry for the 7 year old boy next door?
Dad: Oh, Tommy, well because he is retarded, he has mental problems, he can't speak well, he doesn't know how to make a conversation, doesn't understand what we say, and acts as a little baby.
Son: Why's that?
Dad: Poor kid, his brain doesn't function really well.
Son: So he's not developed like the rest of us?
Dad: Exactly!
Son: I thought you said to never doubt all people are developed?!
Dad: Oh look here comes Barney …
Son: So is Tommy an animal dad?
Dad: No son he's just not normal.
Son: Why's that?
Dad: Well maybe his mom was sick while she was pregnant, or it could be that there was a mistake the surgeon did while Tommy's mom was giving birth to him, or something like that.
Son: But why did his mom get sick in the first place if she took care of herself? And why did the surgeon make a mistake?
Dad: It's meant to be son, it's meant to be.
Son: Who meant it to be?
Dad: The show started, we'll talk later. Why don't you show me how you dance with your friend Barney?
Son: Ok dad… ( the boy starts dancing and then all at a sudden he falls hurting his head with the edge of the table)
Dad: GOD!!! Are you alright ?
Son: (crying) I fell dad!
Dad: you should've been more careful. You should mind your step. Oh, let me take a look at that.
Son: I was careful but I don't know why I fell.
Dad: it's because your foot slipped.
Son: But why's that? It's not like I'm dancing on ice, I'm dancing on a rough carpet with steady steps ?!!
Dad: just be more careful next time ok…

What some parents don't know is that all babies are born as balanced souls, they all are full of love for the people surrounding them, they all sense the completion between 2 opposite kinds and they all purely believe in the great power of God. They know that God created them. And a lot of parents are aware of this fact, that's why you find many nonbelievers buying Christmas trees and decorating them and celebrating, when you ask, they'll answer: well you know, there is a kid in the house and we don’t want him to feel unnatural.
But the real reason is that they have no way to explain to this innocent child that there is no God. Although if they themselves were 100% sure of what they do and that it's the right thing, then they'll have no problem explaining it to their children or friends. They wont feel embarrassed and they wont mind their kids not celebrating like others. But the fact is they know there is God, because they see clearly how every person longs to pray for someone to help him, even the non religious people chose different kinds of "Gods" to worship. I'm not saying that they are right, but I'm trying to make a point here. A point that we all sense God, and we all believe in him, but some choose a different God because they need something to see and touch, even if it was some stone THEY BUILT with their own hands. And some others choose to lie to their selves and say there is no God to release themselves of any religious duties. To choose the wrong and wait for no punishment.
But I ask those nonbelievers one question, if you believe there is no God, why are you afraid of death?! Is it a natural human reaction to be afraid of death? Who made you have that reaction? Oh you're not afraid of death? then why are you afraid to lose someone close? The fear to miss that person? How is this missing implanted in you? How are you full of those invisible feelings? How were you created as such a mixture? Why did you replace a good respectful word like "Oh GOD" with a dirty disgusting thing like "Oh SHIT"? Isn't it because you want nothing to remind of the truth that there is a God?!
Why do young people die every single day? Isn't that to remind us of the presence of God?! Why do we take care of our health perfectly and then a new disease occurs out of nowhere causing panic and fear among us? Isn't that to remind you of the power of God?! Why does a 3 year old kid ask you how did he get to the world? Isn't that because he's curious to know what's this great power behind this whole world? Isn't it because he sensed something beyond his own ability to explain so he thought he'd seek your help?! Why does it rain? Yes it is because of scientific reasons, but what makes the cloud full of those ions and electrons and what makes them connect? What makes the equations we discovered work? Why is the water with no color? Why is there reflection? Why our interpretations of why the sky is blue make it blue and not dark blue or yellow? Who organizes the movement of planets? Who is lifting the skies? How does a tree grow opposite gravity? Why is this flower pink, and the one next to it violet? Why do we have to get older?
Why when something happens we always know that there is someone behind it? Why can't I say that a ship is built on its own? Why if a bank is rubbed there has to be a thief? Why in all languages there is a SUBJECT and an Object?! Why can't things happen simply like that? Why can't we make ourselves believe that just like we're brought to life by nature that everything happens on its own, so no need for our kids to go to school to know the interpretations of everything. There is no need for scientists to do more research about live, no need to know, we should just live in peace.
Why is a nonbeliever always feeling lost although he chose that way? Because he feels there is something missing, even if one nonbeliever is reading those lines right now and goes like: crap, I'm not lost…why don’t you know who to turn to when you're in big trouble? Because you know that you might be misunderstood, or you might not be forgiven, or , or , or. But a believer knows that God is merciful, doesn’t ask us that much to do, God who will understand you as he sees everything happening and why it happened, his door is always open for us to turn to, and no matter how many times you've made mistakes, you can always turn to him for forgiveness, and once you've had that moment of truth and confrontation with yourself you feel like you're a newborn, with lots of good things waiting for you to do. You feel that a person is capable of many things, and when directed in the right way, our brains can serve not only humanity but all its surroundings making you feel proud and happy. You'll start appreciating the smallest things, like the birds flying around you singing with joy, you'll start experiencing the real taste of a fresh picked apple that came from a generous tree which didn’t mind it all when a human took one of its fruits to eat. You'll start seeing world clearer, and will realize that by helping others, raising your kids, supporting your wife, being there for your friends, being honest, saying the truth, fearing nothing right, and respecting your humanity, you will realize that when doing all this you're being your true self and your pleasing your God who asked for nothing more than that.
Take a closer look around you, have half an hour of meditation, with no outer interference, you'll sense the presence of God who's protecting us and blessing us, and you'll be proud of belonging to mankind, full of hope and energy, full of appreciation for God...