Thursday, October 30, 2003

Be Modern... The Right Way

It's not our looks that make us modern. Belonging to the group of modern people can never be achieved by simply looking modern. Modernity has to be in thinking before anything else.

Dress Modern
To dress in a modern way doesn't mean to follow the newest fashion trends. It's more like to dress what gains the right kind of people's attraction: their respect, and their admiration for your elegant yet simple style.
You don't have to spend a fortune when you shop for clothes, and you don't have to dress like others. I don't mean creating an out of this world costume, what i meant was choosing the right thing for you even if others aren't used to it, or don't wear it anymore. Something that will flatter your confident walk rather than flattering your body, something that will reflect your character, not anyone else's.
You don't have to start your day with new clothes everytime, repetition wont harm. Change is good, but not by collecting 100s of clothes in your closet. Just a normal amount of clothes with a good sense of matching will do the trick. Adding new stuff whenever it's ok with your pocket would be great as well :)

Think Modern
You can't dress modern unless you have modern thinking. And all you need to be a modern thinker is to have an open mentality that will make you choose what's right for you and not what's "supposed" or "used" to be right.
But still sometimes you'd better stick to the orders and rules even if you don't like them, as long as they wont harm you or harm anyone else.
You have to be flexible, friendly, honest and reliable to be modern. If you're in a sticky situation you should always be sure that there is a way out, the way wont come to you though, you should figure it out yourself.
Modernity is being modest, self-confident and trustfull. Modernity is to try as hard as you can to be ideal.
This is modernity...