Tuesday, October 14, 2003

95% SEX

In the time sex has become the first and most important topic of concern, I can't but feel sorry for our generations and the ones to follow. And I'm talking specifically about entertainment. Sex has become the main attraction. The presence of Sex as a word or a scene or act is 95% in most of the means of entertainment. Nowadays it's so hard to find a successful movie that has no sex scenes in it. I don't know why is that actually! I mean a strong movie should prove itself without the "help" of sex-appeals and sexual acts! But no, seems like all movies MUST contain some sexuality in one way or the other to make it a cool attractive movie… whatever!
Not only movies but even programs like "L'EREDITA'" and many other programs as "Raccomandati" in the Italian channel Rai Uno, I still don't get why do knowledge-testing programs include half naked women dancing, what's the point?! Suspense? Don't those dancers feel cheap showing their naked bodies and shaking them just to please the audience! Don't they feel humiliated to be a means of cheap pleasure?! Oh I forgot, why be humiliated if it will bring them a fast way to wealth, fame, popularity or even being celebrities one day! Anyway, Rai Uno is only one of SO MANY other international TV channels that use sexiness to gather more fans.
Other than movies and TV programs there is this really funny but yet pathetic phenomena: songs! After being the international language for all kinds of people and even those who are not able to speak, Music has turned to be a means of provoking sex and marketing it easily. All you can hear nowadays is: "Hey Sexy Lady"… "Shake that thing" … "Dirty"… " Let's Get Back To Bed Boy"… "Sex Me"… "I'm Too Sexy for my Love"…"Would You Go To Bed With Me"… "Gonna Lick You Up & Down"…"Boom Boom Boom Boom, I Want You In My Room"… "We were both butt naked"… "Shake Your Asses"…"It's really hot in here, so take your clothes off"… "Kiss me and then just touch me, till I can get my SATISFACTION" … "Sex Bomb"… I can go on forever! Isn't this a BIG SHAME!!
Poor song writers, I guess they're out of words!! Or what could be their problem? Anyway, in the middle of all this nonsense you can't help being proud and full of hope when you hear about some people who do really care about what's going on in this world. Important things that most of us almost forgot, issues that affect us all, either directly or indirectly. Things like WAR, I love that song: "What Are We Fighting For"- Live, or the one about money obsession: "Lots Of Money And Things" – Shania Twain. We need songs like that to wake us up, I wish we'll have more like those.
Actually I wish all entertaining sectors will end this pathetic cheap mess and go back to sweet and good materials to provide us with, we're human beings after all, we need to feel respect for our dignity and brains, not to feel we're treated like animals and provided with things to provoke animal instincts, or what?!