Thursday, October 30, 2003

Be Modern... The Right Way

It's not our looks that make us modern. Belonging to the group of modern people can never be achieved by simply looking modern. Modernity has to be in thinking before anything else.

Dress Modern
To dress in a modern way doesn't mean to follow the newest fashion trends. It's more like to dress what gains the right kind of people's attraction: their respect, and their admiration for your elegant yet simple style.
You don't have to spend a fortune when you shop for clothes, and you don't have to dress like others. I don't mean creating an out of this world costume, what i meant was choosing the right thing for you even if others aren't used to it, or don't wear it anymore. Something that will flatter your confident walk rather than flattering your body, something that will reflect your character, not anyone else's.
You don't have to start your day with new clothes everytime, repetition wont harm. Change is good, but not by collecting 100s of clothes in your closet. Just a normal amount of clothes with a good sense of matching will do the trick. Adding new stuff whenever it's ok with your pocket would be great as well :)

Think Modern
You can't dress modern unless you have modern thinking. And all you need to be a modern thinker is to have an open mentality that will make you choose what's right for you and not what's "supposed" or "used" to be right.
But still sometimes you'd better stick to the orders and rules even if you don't like them, as long as they wont harm you or harm anyone else.
You have to be flexible, friendly, honest and reliable to be modern. If you're in a sticky situation you should always be sure that there is a way out, the way wont come to you though, you should figure it out yourself.
Modernity is being modest, self-confident and trustfull. Modernity is to try as hard as you can to be ideal.
This is modernity...

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Human Superiority

A human being is so precious, a brain is what makes that being different, so everyone knows that a human being is a superior creature. This is what we all believe, and this is what we all teach our younger generations to make them believe in it too. But the sad fact is, although humans are so special and precious, they lose all their superiority in one of three cases: getting crazy, being the victim of death... or the victim of a blind so called human, with a sleeping conscious and no mercy.

No Brain = No Superiority
In the first case a human being loses the sense of recognition of what's right and wrong, he behaves worse than kids and unfortunately in some critical cases a crazy person might behave as an animal in the way he eats, drinks, walks and many other ways. And it's sad to know that most of the cases in which a person totally loses it are not recoverable, and even moresad is the fact that most of the reasons that result in madness are out of our hands, such as madness that occurs due to a very strong emotional shock. It means that this superior creature can no longer keep its position on the top of the "superiority list" once he has totally lost it. But still there is a way to cure madness in some cases, maybe not totally but at least improve the situation. What we can all do is be strong enough to stand the cruelty of life and protect our selves from any unexpected shocks.

Death Steals Superiority Away…
As for death, yes I do believe that a human loses superiority when he's dead or when he's the tool that brought death to someone. Specially when death is because of a car accident!! Like yesterday I saw a person covered in the middle of the highway, I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman, and I couldn't guess the age, but what I can surely tell that the accident was awful. There was blood all around the body, and the glass of the car that hit that person was all broken, with its driver standing shocked with a hopeless and terrified face surrounded by at least 4 police officers investigating him… and the dead body was lying there allowing all curious eyes to stare, giving all "caring" people the chance to sigh, maybe cry, or give some sad comments, or even "blame" the dead body for crossing such a street; at the very same time that the same people will give the driver a blaming look for his "carelessness". No matter how hard the driver will try to convince the cops that it wasn’t his fault, he wont get but hand coughs, a destroyed future and a life like hell for him and his family.
Even if the truth -of whose fault it was- remained unknown, one truth stays crystal clear, the truth that both lost their lives: one has literally lost it, he wont be breathing again, his family might be considered homeless since his death, and he might be cursed by people for not being "awake" while crossing, and last but not least, he will be nothing but guilty to the family of the driver. The driver who lost his life as well, as he's gonna spend the rest of his life in jail, maybe he gets a good lawyer, or maybe there were a couple of witnesses who saw the whole thing, then he will spend only half of the rest of his life in jail. His family may become homeless too, he might lose his career, and more than that, he wont be able to get the picture of the dead person out of his head, yet if he did, then he will always feel guilty towards that person's family, and if he was finally free of the guilt feeling, then the family of the dead will never forgive him and he will always be guilty for as long as he lives…
Both were victims, each lost in a certain way, and each lost their superiority. The minute the dead body was lying just like any rock in the street, the minute everyone was automatically pointing at the "criminal" driver, the minute all people passing by were able to look at that "thing" just to "know" what actually happened and just to feel sorry for both people, the minute everything took place, people were done watching and finally decided to get back to their lives leaving 2 dead people behind, letting their families suffer alone, that minute was the abortion minute of the superiority of both people.
And no matter what a developed law any country might follow or create, results remain the same: one soul took off life…one soul is not able to land again!

Superiority? It's only theirs …
What's happening today in Palestine, Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya, and the terrible things taking place in Guantanamo are anything but respecting the superiority of mankind. Aggressiveness, cruelty, disrespect, hatred, complexity, rudeness… I don't know how can I put into words the ugliness of what's happening there on DAILY BASES!!! It is totally uncivilized and out of order.
People being killed, kidnapped, tortured, raped and treated worse than animals, why's that, is that the way to teach people a lesson of justice and to protect the world from corruption?? Or is it that people who ask for their rights are becoming scary these days and are causing you fear even when they're locked in "cages", yes cages, not jails, jail is the place for a person who made a mistake and is put there to be taught a lesson, just by keeping him in a closed place with some hard activities. But what's going on in those countries is something else. They're treated like animals and put in cages, they don't do anything but having to surrender the torture, torture that aims at having them say what they are supposed to say, not the truth, as the truth proves they did nothing wrong!
Homes are turned into big cages that are waiting to be burned one way or the other. Their rights are stolen , they're kids are being killed in front of their eyes, their trees are burned, and their neighbors are locked with them in those disgusting cages.
It's all because of some people with no conscious who want to either take a place or be a hero or simply enjoy blood, such sick people who command some other blind people, who follow the orders killing their screaming conscious that calls for justice, both have no mercy, and both enjoy being what they are…
I wonder if they EVER thought of being in those innocent people's shoes! If they or anyone they love was being tortured, killed or kidnapped the way they are torturing others! What if they were the ones locked in cages having not a single human right to practice!
But they never ask themselves those questions, because they know it's too horrible they can't even stand the thought of being in those poor people's place! Or maybe they don’t ask themselves those questions because they believe that they will stay strong forever, but they should open their eyes and reconsider, they should stop thinking they're superior, for superiority isn't power. Superiority is believing in the equality of all people, and when there is anything wrong taking place, then there are many ways to correct it, one recommended way to solve problems of mankind is CIVILIZATION and RESPECT for HUMANITY! And even if to them power was the synonym to superiority they should know that NOTHING STAYS AS IT IS!
The ones they're locking now, may be the very same ones that will lock them tomorrow…

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The Cell

I don't know what is going on with movie directors and script writers, but I sense the tendency to having hard to imagine ideas they're coming up with, some I consider sick. We do enjoy watching horror, or a new way of presenting drama and science fiction, and we do feel sorry for heroes who suffered in their childhood and have gotten some sort of a complex, but to put all this in a disgusting way is what I personally will never enjoy.
What was shown in the movie "The Cell" was a good story and some really nice thoughts expressed in a very disgusting way.
I hated the parts in which the "criminal-victim" was soaking the dead bodies in a bleacher and how he hung himself in the sealing through his back, YUCK, that was so annoying.
And I saw the making of the movie, and unfortunately all the ones who participated in making it were so proud for the new ugly idea, when I see nothing but a very sick way of putting the ideas and thoughts together!! I think it was terrible, and those who didn't yet watch it, lucky them!
I must say that I have nothing against anyone who was a member of making the movie or who played in it, but I certainly am against the negative weird ideas when we can create another kind of positive stunning ideas that could still be weird!

Friday, October 24, 2003

Anna Wants Cameras And Not Rackets!

Seems like acting and ad shooting have become the way out of lack of business or the way to gain more money in short time. This is normal, but what draws attention is that most of the ones who go this way are sports stars. So you find Andre Agassi, David Beckham, Ronaldo, and many others shooting for TV ads.
Just like Anna Kournikova, who started out with TV ads and then recently hosted the "World Music Awards in Monte Carlo" and now she went as far as planning to quit tennis in early 2004 and devoting herself to becoming a TV awards presenter and an actress in something similar to "Sex & the City" and "Friends".

For more details and some funny scripts put together for possible roles to be played by Kournikova
Click Here


For two days, and God only knows till when we'll continue to suffer, those tiny little "vampires" called mosquitoes are enjoying their full board stay in people's houses, getting their free refill of fresh human blood ALL THE TIME!!!
Our home, just like all other homes in Tunisia nowadays, are full of those annoying insects, and it's all due to the big quantity of rain water that filled the streets, houses and farms leaving behind them "lakes" of still water. For this reason mosquitoes became more than anyone can tolerate, and I'll let your creative imagination picture what could happen when every room in your home is overcrowded with such insects.
Other than the fact that they suck your blood with no mercy leaving itching spots all over your body, and other than their stupid noise and their disgusting view on walls, there is a very dangerous possibility of spreading disease and even creating new diseases.
I don't know what to do! The night before last night we couldn't sleep at all, we were hiding in our OWN HOME under bed covers to protect ourselves of those monsters, we couldn't kill them as we ran out of all insecticides. We had a TERRIBLE night :( Next day I suffered, but thank God we got an electric anti mosquito thing that killed most but not all of them, at least we had a good night sleep. But then again the story repeats itself in the morning, when they have their batteries recharged and are more active than the day before. The problem is that they seem to have a very good appetite, and I'm the victim :( I don't think there is any blood left in me, anyway, enough is enough, so I decided to announce the start of my war on mosquitoes. I closed all windows, used all sprays available, used the electric insecticide, result was: I got dizzy and the dear mosquitoes were still flying around so healthy, so happy looking at me as a delicious meal waiting for them to come and eat.
I thought of doing what my brother used to do when there were many mosquitoes in the house, he used to "clean them away" with the Hoover, so I started pointing the Hoover on them one by one, but they were brave enough to ATTACK me in return, till I was really fed up and started running after them in the house... after I made sure there was no one left safe, I used this feature I love so much in our Hoover: you press a little cute button, the temperature in the dirt bag rises to 80 degrees boiling the insects to death. I pressed the button revengefully and enjoyed the thought of them being killed, I had this feeling of triumph, no I'm not sick, but if you were in my place and suffered like me you'd even celebrate killing them, those stupid things.
Anyways, after having them killed, and exactly when I was placing the Hoover where it belongs, with a SMILE on my face, my hand started itching!! AND something near my ear went like: izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, I turned around to see two disgusting wings of a horrible mosquito :(… what can I say other than: I HATE MOSQUITOES, I HATE THEM, I REALLY HATE THEM…

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Ramadan Kareem

A great Arabic saying that means the holy month of Ramadan is generous. This is the right adjective to describe Ramadan, for it is generous in all ways.
First of all as you fast your meals are cut into two, one "Iftar", and the second is "Sohour", which means you're cutting expenses ;) On the other hand in both meals you eat less than what you are used to eating in other months. So you find that the food that you are used to eat for lunch for example is in Ramadan enough for you an a second person. When you invite people and you cook as it's a normal day out of Ramadan, you'll find that half the food remained untouched on the table. So your food budget decreases. Why's that because when you aren't eating for around half a day and then you wanna eat when it's the time for Iftar, your stomach doesn't accept food so easily, it takes in only the basic needs, so you find yourself "full" so soon.
Other than that, Ramadan is generous because in it you share the poor people their daily life, a life with no food and drink, so you feel with them and you find yourself sharing them your food, you go on giving them food, money, clothes and stuff that they need, and this is generosity.
And above all that, in Ramadan people feel like praying more and they have this spirit of Islam, because they share all the poor people around the world their suffering, so God doubles our bless, Ramadan is generous with rewards for good people.
And last but not least, the yummy food offered specially in Ramadan, which reminds me of this sweet that is made in the Middle East and isn't available here unfortunately, it's Qatayif, I MISS IT :( There is a number of other tasty sweets but Qatayif is the one I miss most. Of course part of Ramadan's generosity is the offers and low prices of good in all stores and shops, hmm, this is really nice.
Not to forget the TV channels challenging each other to offer the best shows, programs and movies, all that is generous for us as people, isn't it!
In short Ramadan's bless surrounds us and its generosity is in each and every way. I just wished it's be more generous and gather me with my family which I already miss and will miss even more in Ramadan, because with my Family everything has a different taste. Our home is decorated with Ramadan lamps, lanterns, table covers, serving papers, lights and even the key medals have Ramadan signs on them…
This year it's expected to be on either the 26th or the 27th of October, so Happy Ramadan to all Muslims of the world and Ramadan Kareem to all of you, and for you smokers and coffee addicts, hold on tight ;)
Guess I got excited… can't wait for Ramadan to BEGIN :))

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I've been surfing the net last night when I came across this interesting website.
It offers Arabic Lessons for online learners and it has a lot of nice features as greeting cards, jokes, fonts and many other things. It has an English illustration for the Arabic features which I find really practical for those beginners in the Arabic language.
So if you're interested in Arabic language why don’t you take a look, you'll like it ;)

Monday, October 20, 2003

Bravo Palestine

Despite the crucial war and terrible circumstances, Palestinians prove to the whole world the meaning of hope, courage and the spirit of challenge in every Palestinian.
Their latest challenge was their success in marketing and exporting their handmade gowns, dresses, portraits and souvenirs. Their beautiful and simple products add a beautiful touch to every home. Not only because they look great, and not only because they're different, but also because each dress is made of tired hands that are trying to feed their children, each piece of art is produced with hard work with low life conditions. No proper food, not enough material, no money, even electricity is cut most of the time, they're working with nothing to have but worries. They worry that someone would break in their house and kill one of the members, even if it was the few days old baby sleeping on the couch, they worry that a bomb would fall over their heads any second… they worry, they don’t fear. For Palestinians are full of courage, a 3 year old boy has the courage of 10 grown up men, a 5 year old girl is as brave as a soldier. And at the time kids around the world dream of chocolate, ice cream and candy, all what Palestinian children hope for is to have a good night sleep, they dream of a peaceful home, they dream of going to school without any gunfire striking over their heads, they wish that if their dad went out, that he'll come back. They pray that they wont lose their mother, they wish that they'll be able to know what happiness tastes like, they hope no one will come and cut the olive tree they planted, they want to watch it grow as they grow too.
Palestinians, those unique proud people, who will keep on struggling for survival, will keep on fighting for their rights, and who will never stop challenging themselves even if the whole world with its whole population stood against them…

Congratulations on your high spirits and your talents, we're all with you, praying for you day and night, praying for God to protect you and give you the strength to hold on…

Friday, October 17, 2003

Pay It Forward

A beautiful movie in each and every way. What I loved most about it was the idea it discussed: Paying Forward. A really impressive thought that suggests you do something good for someone, and when that someone asks what to do in return then you tell him to "pay it forward" by helping other three people. And then each one of the three helps another three people and so on.
After watching the movie I was like: oh really, what if we apply it, wouldn't it be just great?!
The one thing I'm not that sure of though is whether the one you help would ask to pay you in return or not! ;)

For all details about the movie Click Here


Ein wertvolles Wort, das wir jetzt sehr brauchen. Ich erinnere mich an den Tag, in dem ich dieses schönes Wort entdeckt habe. Unser Lehrer hat uns eine Hausaufgabe gegeben: jeder sollte ein neues Wort im Wörterbuch gucken und eine Geschichte oder irgendetwas schreiben, wo dieses Wort mehrmals verwendet wird.
Ich habe viele anderen Wörter gefunden, wollte aber nur über Genügsamkeit schreiben. Also habe ich das Wort gewählt und etwas über es geschrieben. Und bis heute gefällt mir dieses Wort sehr. Es ist echt bedeutend und wichtig für alle Menschen, denn ich glaube, dass viele unter uns es vergessen haben, oder vielleicht gibt es einige, die es noch nicht kennen.
Genügsamkeit ist Zufriedenheit auch wenn man nichts besitzt. Genügsamkeit macht uns stolz und froh. Es freit uns von allen materiellen Krankheiten, die uns schwächen können, und hilft uns Schwierigkeiten zu überleben.
Wenn man sich über kleine und einfache Sachen wie Gesundheit, Familie, und Freundschaft freut, fühlt man sich ganz stark, sorgenfrei und hoffnungsvoll. Und das wird seine Umgebung positiv beeinflussen. Die Menschen, die man kennt, werden auch froh und stark sein, und jeder wird ein Vorbild für andere Leute sein. Also verbessert sich die Menschheit und unser Leben wird leichter und erfolgreicher sein.
Ein Leben ohne Sorgen, ohne Materialismus, ohne Eifersucht; mit starken Menschen, die gesund denken und nichts im Leben ausser Freude und Frieden suchen... Kann was überhaupt schöner sein!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Between Believers and Nonbelievers: Is There A God?

I have come across a lot of nonbelievers who are convinced that there is nothing called God, and that everything in this life has occurred because of a certain scientific reason. So nature with all what it includes of plants, wind, water, animals and humans, they're all there because of certain equations. Which is true, we all learned that and we all believe in it, there has to be H2 + O to have water for example, but when I asked them how did we have those H2 and O, they answered: well there must have been some sort of another equation that created such elements. I asked, and how those basic elements of the other equation were provided, they said: it's the circulation of nature.
Keeping up with such interpretations I asked what they believe their purpose in this world is, why are we all created with everything around us, there should be a reason. I got no answers, and when I got a couple they were so uncertain, they went like: maybe just to take care of earth and protect our kind… "and then die?! why then" I asked, "I guess the reason is not yet figured" they replied, and some claimed that their life will end but they will come back to life as another creatures born, so their souls leave their bodies that die and are new born as other creatures like plants or animals or humans again. But why, they didn't give an explanation.
I've always wondered, why are we really here, and I know now that we're there because of God who created everything around us with his great powers. He created us and gave us this planet and the skies and the whole stars and other planets in the galaxy to care for, to improve, to make a civilization for the generations to follow so that they'd do the same as we did and create new ways to improve more and to make life better for all creatures. We were created so that we'd see life with its good and evil and live it the way we choose. Our choices are the ones that determine whether we passed or failed this test period called life. For life is just a temporary stage, each has duties and parts to play; each has responsibilities to be in charge of; and each has their wishes to fulfill. Things we choose how to make and how to do, so that when our time is up all that is left is nothing but our deeds. If what we did was good then we passed the test and we'll be rewarded, if not we'll be punished because we were mature enough to make those choices on our own.
All people believe in invisible things, like love and hatred for example, even the ones who deny believing in them, you find them happy with some people and so annoyed being around some others. Even if you don't think something invisible exists, there has to be a time when you feel that thing one way or the other. And we can all feel God's powers around us, but a lot of us choose not to believe in him.
Here is a conversation between a nonbeliever father and his 5 years old son, while they're watching the news, it might help clear the picture a bit.

Son: Wow, how can we know how the weather's gonna be dad?
Dad: By using our brains son. We were able to invent a lot of things that can help us predict weather conditions, earthquakes and many other things. we're not always correct but mostly that we are.
Son: Where did we get that brain?
Dad: Hmmm. Well it comes as a package with our whole body when we're born.
Son: Animals have brains right? but they can't make cars or drive anything at all. And they don’t go to school, they don’t know math's. How come our brains are better?
Dad: Ahhh, hmmm. Oh, it's because we are developed creatures son.
Son: Developed?!! All of us?
Dad: Sure, no doubt in that (with a proud smile on his face)
Son: then why does mom feel sorry for the 7 year old boy next door?
Dad: Oh, Tommy, well because he is retarded, he has mental problems, he can't speak well, he doesn't know how to make a conversation, doesn't understand what we say, and acts as a little baby.
Son: Why's that?
Dad: Poor kid, his brain doesn't function really well.
Son: So he's not developed like the rest of us?
Dad: Exactly!
Son: I thought you said to never doubt all people are developed?!
Dad: Oh look here comes Barney …
Son: So is Tommy an animal dad?
Dad: No son he's just not normal.
Son: Why's that?
Dad: Well maybe his mom was sick while she was pregnant, or it could be that there was a mistake the surgeon did while Tommy's mom was giving birth to him, or something like that.
Son: But why did his mom get sick in the first place if she took care of herself? And why did the surgeon make a mistake?
Dad: It's meant to be son, it's meant to be.
Son: Who meant it to be?
Dad: The show started, we'll talk later. Why don't you show me how you dance with your friend Barney?
Son: Ok dad… ( the boy starts dancing and then all at a sudden he falls hurting his head with the edge of the table)
Dad: GOD!!! Are you alright ?
Son: (crying) I fell dad!
Dad: you should've been more careful. You should mind your step. Oh, let me take a look at that.
Son: I was careful but I don't know why I fell.
Dad: it's because your foot slipped.
Son: But why's that? It's not like I'm dancing on ice, I'm dancing on a rough carpet with steady steps ?!!
Dad: just be more careful next time ok…

What some parents don't know is that all babies are born as balanced souls, they all are full of love for the people surrounding them, they all sense the completion between 2 opposite kinds and they all purely believe in the great power of God. They know that God created them. And a lot of parents are aware of this fact, that's why you find many nonbelievers buying Christmas trees and decorating them and celebrating, when you ask, they'll answer: well you know, there is a kid in the house and we don’t want him to feel unnatural.
But the real reason is that they have no way to explain to this innocent child that there is no God. Although if they themselves were 100% sure of what they do and that it's the right thing, then they'll have no problem explaining it to their children or friends. They wont feel embarrassed and they wont mind their kids not celebrating like others. But the fact is they know there is God, because they see clearly how every person longs to pray for someone to help him, even the non religious people chose different kinds of "Gods" to worship. I'm not saying that they are right, but I'm trying to make a point here. A point that we all sense God, and we all believe in him, but some choose a different God because they need something to see and touch, even if it was some stone THEY BUILT with their own hands. And some others choose to lie to their selves and say there is no God to release themselves of any religious duties. To choose the wrong and wait for no punishment.
But I ask those nonbelievers one question, if you believe there is no God, why are you afraid of death?! Is it a natural human reaction to be afraid of death? Who made you have that reaction? Oh you're not afraid of death? then why are you afraid to lose someone close? The fear to miss that person? How is this missing implanted in you? How are you full of those invisible feelings? How were you created as such a mixture? Why did you replace a good respectful word like "Oh GOD" with a dirty disgusting thing like "Oh SHIT"? Isn't it because you want nothing to remind of the truth that there is a God?!
Why do young people die every single day? Isn't that to remind us of the presence of God?! Why do we take care of our health perfectly and then a new disease occurs out of nowhere causing panic and fear among us? Isn't that to remind you of the power of God?! Why does a 3 year old kid ask you how did he get to the world? Isn't that because he's curious to know what's this great power behind this whole world? Isn't it because he sensed something beyond his own ability to explain so he thought he'd seek your help?! Why does it rain? Yes it is because of scientific reasons, but what makes the cloud full of those ions and electrons and what makes them connect? What makes the equations we discovered work? Why is the water with no color? Why is there reflection? Why our interpretations of why the sky is blue make it blue and not dark blue or yellow? Who organizes the movement of planets? Who is lifting the skies? How does a tree grow opposite gravity? Why is this flower pink, and the one next to it violet? Why do we have to get older?
Why when something happens we always know that there is someone behind it? Why can't I say that a ship is built on its own? Why if a bank is rubbed there has to be a thief? Why in all languages there is a SUBJECT and an Object?! Why can't things happen simply like that? Why can't we make ourselves believe that just like we're brought to life by nature that everything happens on its own, so no need for our kids to go to school to know the interpretations of everything. There is no need for scientists to do more research about live, no need to know, we should just live in peace.
Why is a nonbeliever always feeling lost although he chose that way? Because he feels there is something missing, even if one nonbeliever is reading those lines right now and goes like: crap, I'm not lost…why don’t you know who to turn to when you're in big trouble? Because you know that you might be misunderstood, or you might not be forgiven, or , or , or. But a believer knows that God is merciful, doesn’t ask us that much to do, God who will understand you as he sees everything happening and why it happened, his door is always open for us to turn to, and no matter how many times you've made mistakes, you can always turn to him for forgiveness, and once you've had that moment of truth and confrontation with yourself you feel like you're a newborn, with lots of good things waiting for you to do. You feel that a person is capable of many things, and when directed in the right way, our brains can serve not only humanity but all its surroundings making you feel proud and happy. You'll start appreciating the smallest things, like the birds flying around you singing with joy, you'll start experiencing the real taste of a fresh picked apple that came from a generous tree which didn’t mind it all when a human took one of its fruits to eat. You'll start seeing world clearer, and will realize that by helping others, raising your kids, supporting your wife, being there for your friends, being honest, saying the truth, fearing nothing right, and respecting your humanity, you will realize that when doing all this you're being your true self and your pleasing your God who asked for nothing more than that.
Take a closer look around you, have half an hour of meditation, with no outer interference, you'll sense the presence of God who's protecting us and blessing us, and you'll be proud of belonging to mankind, full of hope and energy, full of appreciation for God...

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Let's Play ... For Nature :)

Yesterday it rained like crazy in Tunisia. I love rain, it's so great and watching the rain drops fall on the ground, the sound they make and even the touch of rain on your skin is just incredible.
There are years when a country lacks the bless of rain, you can see all people complaining and blaming God or nature for not having enough water. And when it comes in big quantities causing floods, you hear all people also complaining for the loss of crops, or the ruins of their places, or the dirt left at their house doors …etc. What made me get to this idea that I'm sure a lot would find crazy or childish in a way but I wont lose anything if I shared it with you .
I thought that it's true rain becomes a danger when it causes floods and blocks streets and ruins everything, no matter how good the infrastructure is, when it rains too heavy everything will be flooded and a lot of things will be damaged. And the next day you'll find responsible people organizing the pumps that will take all excess waters and blow them I don't know where. The point is the waters will become dirty and wont be used, they'll be pumped away and WASTED instead.
So I thought why doesn't every citizen in every country help the authorities control excess waters, use them personally and even send them to countries that need waters.
How, well here comes the nice part, this could be applied through water containers spread by people and authorities as well, spread all over the country. I got the idea from my parents. Back in time when I was a little kid, I remember when it used to rain , mom and dad used to make us play this very useful and great game, they called it "water collection", the game consists of any means of collecting water: bowls, bottles, plastic boxes, jars, vases, and anything deep. It's played in the rain season. Each member chooses something to collect waters and places it anywhere he/she likes. Our parents chose the best places of course as they were more aware what part would enable to collect water better. And the next day at the same time we placed our things, we get back to them to see who collected most, and of course we kids always won as our parents always poured from their containers into ours ;) Now the next step of the game is to suggest ways to use the collected water, some would use them to water the indoor plants, others would suggest using it as drinking water for the birds, or in cooking or washing and cleaning and so on. As for me I always used it to increase the water level in the aquarium we had :P I thought the fish would be happy to experience swimming in rain water, lol, poor fish they'd be swimming in peace and then I come and pour the water and they'd all go like: bug, bug, bug… and there'll be kind of a "water-twister" in there as I poured strongly, and the happier I was, the stronger I poured :P
Anyway, back to the main idea, I thought applying this game would really be helpful. Why don’t we spread containers on the roof, balconies, put some on the window edges…etc, rainwater is pure we could use it in any way. Why don’t authorities build certain containers and collective tanks and spread them in streets and farms. Other than that when a farm is flooded, instead of pumping the excess water in the sea, we could clarify it and use it, if it was more than enough we could send it to parts that weren't lucky enough to get enough water average. The rain is falling anyway, and there might be floods no matter what we do, but it makes a difference when we use at least 2% of the falling rain at first, with time we'll figure out better ways to collect and use the water, there has to be a first step though, even if that step was so simple. On the other hand we teach everyone to care for the environment and play a role in saving the wasted waters and using it. We implant the environmental awareness in our children, we teach them that teamwork helps in many ways.
It's just a thought, maybe if I was specialized in environmental issues I'd be able to apply that theory some day, but I hope the ones who are specialized would think of something similar to avoid the terrible loss of that pure water and benefit from it in the best way possible.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Poor Britney Doesn't Wanna Be A Sex Symbol!

"Look, if you want me to be some kind of sex thing, that's not me,'" Britney Spears tells Esquire magazine in its November issue. "I will never do that. I'm still doing what I love to do."
So Spears is "still doing what she loves to do, huh", well if the videoclip of "Slave" is something she loved doing but still she doesn't wanna be a sex symbol then we've got kind of a paradox over here!!
Well all i can say is that when someone doesn't wanna be called fat then they don't eat that much; when someone doesn't wanna be called a lier then they won't lie all the time; when someone doesn't wanna be called lazy they dont spend all their time asleep. So simply if our dear Britney doesn't wanna be called a Sex Symbol, all she has to do is to reconsider her warderobe, posters and video clips. See, it's simple, and then no one will ever bother you or consider you a sex symbol Britney :)
For more details on the topic Click Here

95% SEX

In the time sex has become the first and most important topic of concern, I can't but feel sorry for our generations and the ones to follow. And I'm talking specifically about entertainment. Sex has become the main attraction. The presence of Sex as a word or a scene or act is 95% in most of the means of entertainment. Nowadays it's so hard to find a successful movie that has no sex scenes in it. I don't know why is that actually! I mean a strong movie should prove itself without the "help" of sex-appeals and sexual acts! But no, seems like all movies MUST contain some sexuality in one way or the other to make it a cool attractive movie… whatever!
Not only movies but even programs like "L'EREDITA'" and many other programs as "Raccomandati" in the Italian channel Rai Uno, I still don't get why do knowledge-testing programs include half naked women dancing, what's the point?! Suspense? Don't those dancers feel cheap showing their naked bodies and shaking them just to please the audience! Don't they feel humiliated to be a means of cheap pleasure?! Oh I forgot, why be humiliated if it will bring them a fast way to wealth, fame, popularity or even being celebrities one day! Anyway, Rai Uno is only one of SO MANY other international TV channels that use sexiness to gather more fans.
Other than movies and TV programs there is this really funny but yet pathetic phenomena: songs! After being the international language for all kinds of people and even those who are not able to speak, Music has turned to be a means of provoking sex and marketing it easily. All you can hear nowadays is: "Hey Sexy Lady"… "Shake that thing" … "Dirty"… " Let's Get Back To Bed Boy"… "Sex Me"… "I'm Too Sexy for my Love"…"Would You Go To Bed With Me"… "Gonna Lick You Up & Down"…"Boom Boom Boom Boom, I Want You In My Room"… "We were both butt naked"… "Shake Your Asses"…"It's really hot in here, so take your clothes off"… "Kiss me and then just touch me, till I can get my SATISFACTION" … "Sex Bomb"… I can go on forever! Isn't this a BIG SHAME!!
Poor song writers, I guess they're out of words!! Or what could be their problem? Anyway, in the middle of all this nonsense you can't help being proud and full of hope when you hear about some people who do really care about what's going on in this world. Important things that most of us almost forgot, issues that affect us all, either directly or indirectly. Things like WAR, I love that song: "What Are We Fighting For"- Live, or the one about money obsession: "Lots Of Money And Things" – Shania Twain. We need songs like that to wake us up, I wish we'll have more like those.
Actually I wish all entertaining sectors will end this pathetic cheap mess and go back to sweet and good materials to provide us with, we're human beings after all, we need to feel respect for our dignity and brains, not to feel we're treated like animals and provided with things to provoke animal instincts, or what?!

Monday, October 13, 2003

Environmental Issues

Caring for the environment started out as a hobby, then with the increasing environmental problems and the loss of some huge green masses it became a matter of concern, and now I believe it became a MUST. It is our duty now to put an end to the dangerous human acts towards the environment and to try to fix the problems we already caused. Enough messing with nature, and enough ruining our surroundings.
A lot of countries were aware of the critical situation our environment is experience, and now many developing countries joined the club. They started working on that seriously, and I thought that some of the environmental activities in those countries are impressive and worth talking about. So here you go some info that would help spread environmental awareness …

The Global Environment Facility/ Small Grants Program (GEF/ SGP):

"Protecting Global Environment Through Community Action"
This program was launched in 1992 to assist developing countries urge their communities to play a role in the protection of global environment in relation to four focal areas: biodiversity, climate change, international waters and ozone layer depletion, as well as land degradation, desertification and deforestation.
The program is based on the belief that global environmental problems can only be addressed adequately if local people are involved, and that with small amounts of funding, local communities can undertake activities which will make a significant difference in their lives and their environment.
The GEF/ SGP is administered by the UNDP, and is currently offered in over 50 countries. It has promoted awareness regarding global environmental concerns; built capacities of communities and NGOs to address those concerns, and provided a mechanism for demonstrating community solutions of global environmental problems.

More information about the GEF/ SGP are available at:
Click Here

Recycling Coalition:

The (RC) was launched in 1998 among: Jordan Environment Society (JES); Arab Women Organization (AWO); and The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). The (RC) was supported by the (GEF/SGP).
The Recycling Coalition undertakes activities that involve people in the collection and separation processes of recyclable and production of eco-products. Other than that (RC) spreads awareness through media in addition to direct contact by lectures and workshops. Not to forget the training it offers through workshops and study visits.
The (RC) collects: paper, plastic, and metals. It encourages schools, NGOs, and different enterprises to collect the recyclables and it provides them with the needed containers. On the other hand the (RC) hires workers to separate and sort recyclables at special separation centers. As for the different recycled products, they are produced and also marketed by the (RC).
Wanna know more? Contact the Recycling Project Director from the Jordan Environment Society:

More information about the Recycling Coalition can be provided by the following:
Arab Women Organization

Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Heimweh... tut Weh!

Als ich in Deutschland war, habe ich meine Familie und meine Freunden in Jordanien sehr vermisst. Und obwohl ich Deutschland sehr mag, und trozt aller süssen Zeiten, die ich mit meiner neuen Freunden verbracht habe, habe ich gehofft, dass die Tage schnell laufen würden, um meine Familie schnell wiederzutreffen.
Fast alle meine Freunde haben es gespürt, wie ich plötzlich unglücklig gewesen war. Ich konnte die Zeit nicht ganz richtig geniessen.Einer meiner Freunden hat mir gesagt: "Eman, es ist immer so. Jetzt hast du Heimweh, und dann, wenn du zurückkehrst, wirst du unetr Fernweh leiden".
Seine Wörter haben mich ganz stark beeinflüsst. Denn ich wusste im Voraus, dass alles was er mir gesagt hat, stimmt.
Man kann nie 100% zufrieden sein. Also versucht ich alles im Rosa Licht zu sehen. Ich habe mir gedacht: nur ein paar Wochen und werde ich wieder nach Jordanien fahren. Warum bin ich so unglücklig denn?! Ich soll nur an heute denken, und soll meine Zeit in Deutschland besser verbringen und an meine Heimat nicht mehr denken um nicht mehr traurig zu sein. Ich habe super tolle Erfahrungen in Deutschland erlebt. Einige meiner schönsten Erinnerungen waren in Deutschland.
Und als ich wieder in Jordanien war,wünschte ich, dass ich meine Heimat nie verlassen würde...gleichzeitig hatte ich das Gefühl dass ich in die Zukunft wo anders leben würde.
Ich habe ein Stipendium gekriegt, um mein Magisterarbeit für 2 Jahren in Deutschland zu machen, ich habe aber mir entschieden, es nicht zu akziptieren, weil ich Arbeiterfahrung erstens haben wollte. Dann wurde ich durch meiner Arbeit Stellen in 2 anderen Länder angeboten, ich wollte aber in Jordanien bleiben.
Und trotzdem konnte ich es nicht mehr vermeiden, Jordanien zu verlassen, und jetzt bin ich in Tunesien. Ich mag Tunesien, und hoffe dass ich einen guten interessanten Job finden werde. Ich habe neuen Freunden kennengelernt und viele neue Sachen erfährt.
Heimweh bleibt aber immer da drinne in meinem Herz. Meine Familie; ich vermisse sie sehr. Ich vermisse meine Eltern, meine Geschwister, meine Freunden, ich vermisse Zuhause, mein Zimmer, meine Arbeit, und vor allem vermisse ich es, da zu sein wenn jemand mich braucht ... weil Technologie uns immer hilft, im Kontakt zu bleiben, aber keine technologische Erfindung kann mich an meine Familie ganz schnell schicken, wenn sie mich wirklich braucht; keine Erfindung kann mir helfen, es zu erkennen, ob alle, die ich liebe, wirklich OK sind, oder ob es nur eine Lüge ist, um mich froh ohne Sorgen zu machen. Keine technologische Erfindung kann meine Familie ersetzen, und ich bin mir sicher, dass keine würde mich auch ersetzen.
Das heisst nicht, dass ich nicht froh bin, nein, ich bin froh und ich habe meine Verantwortungen, die mich immer beschäftigen, aber troztdem gibt es Zeiten, wenn ich mich ganz alleine fühle...
Das ist Leben, immer soll was fehlen. Immer soll man bittere Zeiten akziptieren, um die süssen zu geniessen... oder!

Friday, October 10, 2003


I am one of the people interested in Macrobiotics and I'm always curious to know more about it. A lot of people misunderstand it as being a way of eating, but it's not only that but also a way of life.
And although I don't agree completely with every detail they ask people to do, one of which is cutting meat as much as possible (because I believe that there should be some certain amounts of meat in our food to provide us with essential amino acids and some proteins that can't be provided but from meat, other than that our bodies need a certain percentage of animal cholesterol. But still we should be careful not to depend on meat entirely nor to eat a lot of meat portions) but all in all I like Macrobiotics. It supports the balance of nature and help us gain our health depending on achieving the balance between the Yin & Yang in our food, as well as our inner peace with our souls. Besides food balance, Macrobiotics includes meditating, moving, color-therapies and massage.
I read a lot of books of a great doctor called Dr. Yousef Al Bader and I must say that all the ones who read that book loved it so much. In those books you can find the relationship between food and diseases, how to heal them and how to protect yourslef from them; The relationship between food and the potential to become criminals; Macrobiotics for a happy life... etc.All books are in Arabic.
Another great Macrobiotic advisor is Mariam Nour, I read two books written by her: a cup of power; Macrobiotics! And they are both in Arabic too.
If you're interested in Macrobiotics or want to have a general idea about it, or if have any health problem and you're seeking its solution you could go to:
(Available in Arabic only)

(Available in both Arabic and English)

Egyptian Movies

The Egyptian moviemakers as well as the Egyptian actors and actresses are doing pretty good recently, that's of course my own opinion. I believe that Egyptian movies have been always great in the past and up till now, with the exception of some which failed for one reason or the other. But it's so sad that the new generation of actors are facing negative criticizing since their occurrence despite their success. The criticizing comes from some actors and moviemakers who belong to old generations as well as the audience itself. Specially the comedy "Al Limbi". I watched it 3 times and each time I watched it I laughed as if it was the first time, and I'm ready to watch it over and over again. I loved it.
An actor should be criticized that way only when he proves that all his movies are empty and have no message to convey to the audience. The star of this movie (Mohammad Sa'ad) still didn't take his full chance, I personally saw him only in "Al Limbi" and a secondary role in "Al Nather Salah Al Deen". On the other hand "Al Limbi" reflected a certain layer of the Egyptian community in a most enjoyable and honest way, actors were great and it was truly funny. I didn't find it ridiculous nor empty. More than that, we need movies to make us laugh our heads off, and they're hard to find these days.
There are some other successful movies that were impressive such as: "Mafia" where you can easily notice the improvement in directing, producing and special effects, "Al Sellam wa Al Thi'iban", "Saheb Sahboh", "Al Nather Salah Al Deen", and "Shareet Thaqafi".
Keep up the good work Egypt ;)

A Wonderland Called Tunisia :)

It's been already one year since I left Jordan and came to Tunisia to live in it for good. I must admit that it's a very beautiful country indeed. Once you set foot in the national airport of the capital Tunis you find posters and ads about Tunisia, most of them are in French and German. An expression I noticed in those ads and posters repeatedly was the one saying that Tunisia is the "Country of Light", unfortunately I arrived at night so I couldn't understand what that meant! But next day in the morning I got it! The light is so strong and shining, you can barely keep your eyes open during the day, even if you were pointing your eyes to the ground, you do need sunglasses or at least a cap! And with such a strong light you can see the beauty of colors clearer and you could enjoy its reflection on the sea waves in a magnificent way. And no matter if it was summer or winter, the light is always so strong, with one difference that the clouds in winter might not cause your eyes to drop water if you were lifting your head up high!
Other than the beautiful landscape, the sea, mountains, green fields, and the desert, there is something that is a Tunisian specialty, something that shocked me when I knew it and couldn't understand right away, it's their Arabic!
We all know that there are always 2 ways to communicate with people in any country using their own language, you either speak the formal or informal language, so you either speak the Official or the Slang English, you either speak the Hochdeutsch or the German Dialekt, you either speak the Fos'ha (formal Arabic) or simply the used dialect! Now before going to Tunisia I knew that they have a dialect that is so much DIFFERENT than all the spoken dialects in the whole Middle East countries. I got somehow prepared for that and I was counting on the Fos'ha if I reach a dead end with any Tunisian citizen I'd be communicating with. My first surprise was when I went to the mini market near home to ask for some stuff, I didn't know all the words in their dialect, so I had to use the dialect of the Middle East Areas, and oops, I noticed that a lot of the words in the Middle East normally and really BAD and impolite ones when used in Tunisia so I had no other choice but to get back to the Fos'ha, and still the woman didn't understand and she started asking me for details, she was speaking 2 words in the Tunisian dialect and 20 other in French, lol, I only know some basics in French, I didn't understand what she was talking about, and we ended up talking in signs, I point to something and she gets it to me. As for the things I couldn't find by myself, I had to forget about them till I either learn them in their dialect or in French…which aren't that much different by the way. For instance, I got cold and went to the doctor one day, a Tunisian doctor, I explained to him that I'm not Tunisian and started explaining what was wrong with me, I used Fos'ha, no use, I tried my own dialect, it got even worse, I used English, no one listening, I tried to explain using some words of their dialect, and all I got was a mixed face looking at me as if I was kind of a retarded or something. Sign language was my only savior. And after pointing at my throat, nose and head, he was like: AAAAAAAh, you're suffering from what we in TUNISIAN call BRONCHITE!!
I thought bronchite sounded a little bit FRENCH!! And it turns out to be a French word but is one of the French words that are now used in the Tunisian dialect, so it's Tunisian as well!!
After a while when I understood 85% of their dialect and while I was having a discovery walk in the neighborhood I saw some words written on billboards, on the busses, metro stations and almost everywhere, I knew that was Arabic, but it was neither Fos'ha nor dialect, and only then I realized that Tunisians have their own Arabic Fos'ha that they use in advertising, radio, tv, and in official ceremonies!!! That was the FIRST time EVER I hear those words, loool, I mean in the Middle East and the Gulf Areas as well as Egypt they all use the same Fos'ha, but in Tunisia they use something totally different. The thing is, Arabic language is a very rich one, you could find more than 3 words for one meaning, and Tunisians chose the "least used, or the never used" words and built their own Fos'ha that is so similar to the Fos'ha of some other countries like Libya, Morocco and Algeria. But talking of the dialects, the Tunisian and Libyan dialects are easier and slower than those of Morocco and Algeria, who depend on a mixture of 97% French and 2% Arabic mixed with barbarian, I assume :P
Anyway, after a whole year, I can say that I understand the Tunisian dialect and their own Fos'ha 99.5% and can speak them both fluently ;)
Another lovely thing I experienced here is the antique shops, the ones selling in those shops are unbelievable. I was visiting those shops and I couldn't but be shocked of how each and every one working there is ready to speak at least 3 languages fluently!! So you find someone asking a German group: "Komm herein, bitte, wir haben neue Sachen da drinnen… (please come in we have new stuff inside)", and then two American tourists walk by his shop, so he tunes to English: "hi, welcome, come and take a look over here…" and then he suddenly speaks Italian and French…etc.
Not only in such shops, but even in tourists' areas and in restaurants, it's amazing and I like it :)
Tunisia is a beautiful country with all languages available to communicate with tourists, and someone with 3 languages is supposed to find a job so easily… that does not apply to me though!

Thursday, October 09, 2003


A lot of you reading this post might be offended one way or the other, and some might as well believe that I'm an unfair person, I hope you wont misjudge me, but I feel we all need a moment of thinking really good about what's going on around us these days to know how to make things right and get our universe back to normal.
Long years ago when I was a little girl, I knew from the very start that there must be 2 different kinds of a thing for life to continue. There has to be a mom and a dad for us to come to the world, there has to be a male and a female cat for us to see more kittens and even plants, there has to be two different genders for us to see flowers and eat fruits and vegetables. I realized that humankind will never survive if there was no unity of the two opposite kinds. And then I went to school, and day by day my belief got stronger. In science we learned that two similar magnet ends can never get attracted to each other, and we learned that for our alarm clocks to work, we have to place 2 batteries letting the opposite ends meet for them to be able to generate power. Things were going so nice, I understood everything concerning life, but all at a sudden, when I became older I started hearing about homosexuals. I read articles about stars and famous people turning to be homosexual. I saw the negative reaction of the community towards homosexuality, but I also saw homosexuals marching for people to "leave them in peace", and to "give them their rights"…
So communities started feeling "sorry" for them, and decided to let them live their life the way they want. No interfering, no preaching and no standing in their way. So you found in schools girls who were like: oh poor thing, she's lesbian why don’t we be friends with her, or boys going like: isn’t he pathetic? Come on let us be his friends, that's the least we can do.
And after a while homosexuals started asking for more, they want to have official marriage ceremonies and want people to support them in any way. So they have their own sites on the internet now, they have their own e-cards, they have their own movie channels and porn satellite channels and websites, they have their own greeting cards in shopping malls, they have their own pubs and discotheques. You can even find movies about homosexuals, and others that have a little part of a homosexual, till it became so "stylish" for someone to be friends with a homosexual. Homosexuals were considered a REJECTED phenomena, then they became just a WEIRD one and now they are looked at as COOL and it's even encouraged by us.
And that explains why the percentage of homosexuals is always increasing. There was a time when homosexuals were pointed out in each country so easily, but now you can hardly tell how many they are and who they are. Parents are afraid to leave their kids with the homosexual doctor. Some avoid having relationships with homosexuals so that their children wont turn to be like them.
A guy is afraid that the girl next door, who he likes so much and wants to ask for a date, he's afraid she'd turn out to be homosexual. And a lady who is doing her best to get the attention of her coworker has doubts he might be homosexual. A mother who is noticing that her girl is behaving like the opposite sex and having no guy to like up till now, is starting to believe her girl is homosexual. A father who has just met the teacher of his son, is so worried now because the teacher seemed to look homosexual. A girl does not want her best friend to turn to be homosexual because if that's the case then that best friend is not being a best friend but is deeply in love with her and is acting accordingly, and then their friendship will fade away. A woman who is experiencing change in her husband and can't tell if their relationship is in danger because of another woman or a man. A young man, whose parents are divorced and who's seeing his mom constantly with another woman, is not that sure whether she's just a good friend helping her get over her loneliness or if she's her lover!
For God's sake, where are we living??? Is this normal when people can't tell where the truth is?
This is all NOTHING compared to the last homosexual-modern trend: adopting!!
You can see 2 women kissing in the street with a little pretty girl standing in between… their "daughter". Or two men walking side by side holding each other with one of them carrying a little innocent baby. I wonder who'd be called mom and who'd be dad? Or would they both be dad? What happens when the kid grows up and asks? Where is mom? What would they answer: sorry honey, you're adopted and we're homosexual!! Wouldn’t the kid be curious to know more about homosexuality? Wouldn't the kid be used to seeing 2 men/ women kissing each other and having a love affaire? Wouldn’t he be ready to be homosexual? Yes, he will be ready, yet he might become one or there might be a miracle to save him. Do you out there realize what that means!!! It means the number of families will decrease and there might be a time when our race will be in danger and a time when it might not exist. Don’t think I'm exaggerating, I know human beings are just TOO MANY, but look forward, now homosexuals , although they became a lot, but they're still less than non-homosexuals. But what makes us sure that there will not be a day when homosexuals will be more than non-homosexuals?! No guarantee.
I don’t blame babies who have been raised by homosexuals if they became like them, it's not their fault. It's the fault of the authorities who gave them the right to have that innocent child. But I sure blame our generation and the generations before, I blame the ones who felt sorry for homosexuals, instead of looking for the reasons why they become ones and fix the problem, I blame this time when any girl losing hope in getting a boyfriend or a husband would turn to her kind and try being a homosexual. I blame the guy who turn gay just because he went through so many relationships with girls and none of them worked out, so it was a sign for him that he is gay and therefore he should look for a boyfriend and not a girl friend.
I blame the parents who are busy looking for their own pleasure, not being there for their children. The parents who see it normal for them to betray their spouse, the parents who are ok with watching pro-homosexual movies. I blame the community for not fixing itself and sticking to its good old virtues, none of this would happen if our lifestyles were right and full of good morals.
Why do someone we know, who had normal and healthy relationships with the opposite sex , decides to become homosexual all at a sudden? That means that homosexuality isn’t something born with us, it is created because of reasons, those reasons are ones that we as communities gave. How? When love affairs and relationships are so easy between any 2 people of the opposite sexes, in other words, when any guy could simply practice a marital relationship without getting married, just meet a girl, know her for a while, and then act as if she was his own wife, live together, do everything together so easily in the name of love. And when it's so easy for anyone to have a sexual relationship with anyone of the opposite sex, no one blaming them, no one standing in their ways, and everyone making them feel they're not doing anything wrong, what happens?? When that happens people lose interest in those easy-to-get relationships and start looking for hard-to-get ones, another interpretation is that when a person does something for the sake of trying and no one says it's wrong and even encourage them to go on, then why not! And I'm saying this because we are all born as balanced beings, and our environment, our problems, and our surroundings effect us, so homosexuals, no matter how hard people try to believe that there are scientific reasons for them to be so, homosexuals build themselves in their own hands, either by turning homosexual at a sudden for the sake of trying, or to create a new trend, or to imitate, or to escape the failure in normal relationships. The first homosexual occurred for one of those reasons, and why do I say they build themselves in their own hands? Because surrendering to the difficult circumstances, and trying to escape the failure through turning homosexual is nothing but weakness and failure itself. We must try once and twice, we must stand up every time we fall, and in the end we'll find our sweet hearts who complete us, who will help life continue, who will help us have kids of our own, healthy thinking kids and have healthy balanced families.
All religions believe in the completion of both genders, and they all are against breaking the rules of nature and being against the power of reproduction. Even the ones who have no religion know that there should be some sort of union and joining between 2 opposite genders for them to survive.
Homosexuality is an expression to address only humans. Humans who happen to have something so precious that no other living creatures have: a thinking BRAIN. And although we have it, our race is the only one to always invent new ways of cheap pleasure because of boredom, low self-esteem, weak beliefs, and unbalanced personalities. I thank God that homosexuality concerns only mankind, because there will be no food to consume if plants and animals started to be "homosexual". There will be a time when there will be no more humans on earth if we continue to encourage homosexuals. Shame on you humans, stop clapping for the wrong… Every mother and every father should give more time to their children and explain what's right from what's wrong. If your kid is friends with homosexuals don't encourage this friendship and always explain your reasons why you prefer avoiding a strong relationship with them. If your own friends turn homosexuals ask them why, talk to them and try to get them back to their senses. Humans are made for the civilization of this planet, could the brain that made our kind reach the moon and use the air to transport, could it be the very same brain that surrenders to a sick relationship that has no good in it but some disgusting pleasure?! Is that possible? I can't even call it an animal instinct because animals proved they're way more civilized in their relationships than humans. Some would claim that the sexual satisfaction is not what they seek in such relationships, then what ? Oh, love? Trust? Just being happy around those people? They understand you? Well that's no excuse for an unbalanced and weird and dangerous sexual relationship, you could only be friends, good friends and be there for each other, and if you love each other you should care about each other's future and you should worry about your health and dreams, the dreams that are implanted in us because of hope, hope which is in us to continue our journey in life, life that is given to us to prove ourselves and improve our surrounding and build healthy homes full of our own members, ones who think as right as we do, ones who act as good as we do or even better, and ones who will care about their own members and homes when it's their turn…
Wake up homosexuals, there is nothing to be proud of, look further and save yourselves, it's not that late...

Wednesday, October 08, 2003


This is a blog I really admire and respect. It discusses a lot of interesting topics and shares meaningful ideas and news. I personally think it's one of the most enjoyable and successful blogs. Keep up the good work and good luck MMM :)
What was written about "Bridges TV" is something I'd love to talk about in this blog.
Life and the way people live it is experiencing a non-stop-change, therefore things are getting out of control so easily, because it has become hard to tell what's right and what's wrong! To so many people "right" is that what brings them money, fame, easy life and pleasure no matter what the way they have to follow. And of course each has their own definition of what's right, and that results in creating so many different ways for them to follow. And over time generations have lost the real right way and started following what already exists or creating their own new "right" ways as well. Conclusion: generations are way off track and are suffering in their lives, for wrong never brings happiness.
Now fortunately there are families who care for their children's future, and don’t want them to suffer, they just want them to be able to distinguish between true and false, give effort raising them correctly and help them be strong enough to walk their own right way. And this can never happen when children grow up in an environment that lacks the potential to accomplish this, the families alone can’t do it, they need to create a balanced environment so the children will be aware of their religion and tradition. In the case of American Muslims, I find it so normal for them to think of "Bridges TV", it will give the children a more balanced environment and will assist the parents in protecting their children from the danger of watching inappropriate programs that conclude violence or sexuality for example. I'm not saying the children should be kept away of knowing that such things exist, but timing is so important, and to make sure kids are aware of everything in the right time, the parents should be selective, and this is not possible when all channels see it ok to have cigarette ads provoking the audience to taste challenge, or movies with only blood and kicks in it. It's true that parents could select the channel, or get their kids to sleep while watching a certain movie, but what happens if the parents want to spend a night late with their kids in the weekend, should they simply turn off TV, or should they watch cartoon videos with their kids every time?
And assuming parents have no problems "getting rid of their kids while watching movies", would they be able to prevent their kids from watching naked women in ads popping every once in a while, in the same time they're trying to teach them the position of women in the community and that a woman is not just a beautiful creature but still a respectful mind and a loving soul?! There should be a very strong base on which kids should be brought up, once that is accomplished, there should be less worries about the new generations. And to achieve a strong base a child should be surrounded with a selective family, and there could be neither a trustful selection with nowadays programs, nor a family unity if all the members can't simply gather in all times around their TV at home fearing some inappropriate thing might be shown…
Anyone can easily notice that children are losing their innocence and becoming so similar to adults in thinking and behaving. A lot of parents are proud of that, forgetting that childhood should take its time and enjoy its peaceful simplicity, and that this childhood will become more mature and responsible in the right time.
I'm 100% with Bridges TV, and even 1000% with RECONSIDERING what must be shown on TV channels all around the world.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Getting Started…

It's unbelievable how things change and decisions are taken in a matter of seconds. Just few seconds ago I was drinking my morning coffee, looking through the window, thinking of nothing at all other than the great taste of this hot coffee. UNTILL I saw this old man crossing the street. He barely had hair, white hair, his face filled with old age signs and mouth contours signifying the loss of almost all his teeth.
He was carrying some big filled bags, and I must say from the way the man's back was curved that they were some really heavy ones. Taking a closer look I realized the bags were actually garbage bags. So the job of this old man was to transfer those bags into the main garbage tray to be picked up of the responsible ones on time. Now what really changed my morning routine today was the most awful scene any one could ever watch… live, or at least that's how I consider it.
While the poor old man was walking, one of the bags he was barely holding fell on the ground. He started trying to release one of his hands to grab it, doing his best to curve that old back more and more to get closer to the ground, and what happens when he does all that with those heavy bags over him?! He loses his balance!
So all the bags are suddenly on the ground. I can't even put into words the hopeless look and the facial expression he had, it was too sad to be expressed.
At the same time the bags fell, a young woman was walking towards the man, and when she was near him she gave him a disgusted look, tried to avoid getting close to the smelly bags with her nose held with her fingers, and simply went away!
A lot would suggest: "What do you expect her to do?!".
Many questions started crossing my mind ever since this whole thing took place, questions like: why didn't she actually help him instead of walking away and making him feel disgusting? if the bags were anything other than garbage, would she give him a hand? were the bags heavier for the YOUNG woman than they were to the OLD man? If that's the case, she could simply walk away without giving him that terrible look of disgust… or is it that helping an old poor man is considered inappropriate for a fine young woman? so what if it was a man, would he help even if the bags were still garbage ones? Or what is the problem?!
From what we hear and see everyday it is so simple to guess what most of the people would do if they're put in this very same situation: they'll all walk away. Some would make the man feel he's a disgusting creature, some will just walk without giving any impression, some will walk away with no outside impression but deep inside they'd love to help the poor man, but they didn't because of any excuse they'll make up to feel free of guilt( God, why did they have to be garbage bags… oh, if only I wasn't already late for work…etc). On the other hand I'm sure that there are some who might actually give the old man a hand for the sake of humanity.
He's a person after all, not to forget that the garbage is ours and not his, so he's doing us a favor, well, he does get paid to do that, it's true, but he's getting paid for something a lot of us are not ready to do in this neighborhood and many other neighborhoods. At that point I must admit that this little situation kept me thinking a lot, it might be silly for many people, but to me it did make a big change. Because it's not only the garbage man that so many of us would refuse to help, there is the one shouting for us to catch a thief who has just stolen her bag, a homeless man having no power to ask for help, a hopeless mother announcing the kidnap of her kid in all media resources… There are just too many people who ask for help and what do they get: nothing but watching. A lot believe that watching is enough, for the one asking looks bad, or seems to be lying, or looks dangerous, or is simply a stranger and we'd get ourselves in trouble and investigations for nothing. Even I've been through similar situations and unfortunately I was only watching in some. How sad it is for people to become so self-centered and full of fear like they are today. It got me scared of what would life look like in 10 years time or more, maybe even less. Would human beings lose the few principles and morals they've got now, or would they get back to the old good virtues they once had?! Let's wait and see… NO, that could never be the only way to know the answer, specially if we want our race to improve and create a safe surrounding for the coming generations. Then what should we do? We should act in any way possible. I've always wished to be a journalist discussing real good issues such as this, but it's sad that I never became one, and worse than that is the fact that I'm still looking for a job related to helping people and humankind to improve and never succeeded, but that doesn't mean that I should wait till I'm employed. What happened today urged me to get started, and I thought creating a blog of my own would do the trick, and here I am. To me this blog is the Aqua that will quench my thirst for sharing my thoughts with you, and will Cool the fire in my head every time I experience an unfair situation.
Hope it'll be the same to you as well…